Popular Interior Decorating Styles and How to Use Fabric Trimmings

fabric trimmings

Poorly chosen curtain and soft furnishing trimmings are simply inappropriate. When you use trimmings in your decor scheme, they should resonate with the style of decorations. Adding plush trimmings to a minimalist style may not be ideal, nor will adding a tight corded braid be appropriate to a Victorian and opulent style. 

The Difference Between Chromium and Vegetable-Tanned Leather

vegetable tanning

With the growing desire to use sustainable products that are safe for the environment, manufacturers and consumers alike are taking a closer look at how leather is made and the harmful effects the tanning industry might have on air and water quality. There is much discussion, as well as confusion, about the differences between chromium and vegetable tanned leather, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Tuft Love: How (And Why) To Tuft Your Couch

tuft your couch

Today we’ll take just a bit of the tough out of tufting so your upholstery project doesn’t take the stuffing out of you. We’ll explore what tufting is, the most common types, and we’ll set you up with a selection of DIY tips and tools to get you on your way to taking your reupholstery project to the next level.