Dress Your Home In Cozy Winter Clothes With Rustic Fabric Slipcovers

Some say the charm of holiday decor lives in how temporary it is. We don’t disagree. But also, the colder seasons last well beyond the holidays. And changing up all your decor for each holiday is a lot. What if you could take a different approach?  Regular readers of this blog will note an affinity … Read more

How Raggedy Ann and Slipcovers Can Make Your Home Feel New Again

And now for something completely different. There’s a theme that’s been quietly emerging or, more to the point, reemerging as a go-to home interior design style win. And it’s all the more a win because it simultaneously allows you to refresh and reset your home’s vibe without actually having to fully refresh and reset things. … Read more

KOVI EXCLUSIVE: YouTube Tutorial – Dining Chair Slipcovers

Dining Chair Slipcover

Holiday Make-Over? Make it festive, fun, funky, or formal with a quick custom slipcover Click to View YouTube Tutorial | Text Description and Related Article Below If you’ve got a set of outdated dining chairs, instead of reupholstering them, you can just make a slipcover for them. That way, you can easily update them immediately … Read more