A Holiday of Colors

Do you have a piece of furniture with a striking color to it? Want to work that shade into the rest of your holiday decorating? The holiday color board above from A Shade of Teal shows how to take a single color and work it into a whole holiday décor theme. In this case, they went with purple.

The concept of this method is delightfully simple. Pick a color and work it into your holiday decorations. When we think of holiday decorations, we usually come up with green and red. But the ideas for decorating above show that there are tons of ways to work even purple into your holiday decorating.

The color board above shows ideas for traditional holiday decorations like trees, wreaths and presents, while the photos below offer additional ideas for working a nontraditional holiday color into table pieces.

Table Centerpiece


Pinecone Display


Table Setting


Purple Glitter Trees


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