Beginning the Feng Shui cycle with Water

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.” – Lao Tzu


When balancing the chi in the home, a great place to start is with the Controlling Cycle of Feng Shui.  This cycle is when the elements govern and control each other.  Wood consumes Earth; Earth dams Water; Water extinguishes Fire; Fire melts Metal; and Metal cuts Wood.  Once you have worked through balancing the elements of the controlling cycle, next you need to move to the Nourishing cycle to continue balancing the environment to allow the chi to flourish and move freely.  Water sustains Wood; Wood feeds Fire; Fire makes Earth; Earth creates Metal; and Metal holds Water. The elements will strengthen and cultivate each other in a replenishing cycle.

“It’s all in how you arrange the thing… the careful balance of the design is the motion.” – Andrew Wyeth


Water, the first of five elements in Feng Shui, is the leading element of entrances in the rooms of our lives.

Water represents our career path or life path.  If there is not enough water, we may become complacent, and if water is in excess then we may become cynical.  Much like the flow of a river, the presence of water in our home can be a powerful energy force that can shape our lives.  Water can be represented by its physical presence, for example a fountain, aquarium, or photos.  Mirrors, glass, or other reflective surfaces can be symbolic of water.  Dark charcoal, black, and navy blue are colors that can bring water into a room.

K4956 Royal Swirl is an ideal example of the water element.  The abstract flowing pattern in the fabric represents the movement of water, and the color increases the impact.  This particular fabric is 100% nylon velvet and has great durability while being machine washable.

water carbonwater royalswirl


 Another selection, K8808 Carbon, has a nice vertical texture like a flowing waterfall.  Virgin vinyl makes this fabric a supreme choice for breathability in an affordable leather look.  The aforementioned fabrics are exceptional choices for furniture.

K2287 Black Pearl is a cotton polyester blend that longs to be the next window treatment in your favorite room.

water pearl

Lastly, I am completely in love with K3744 Onyx/Paisley.  This damask style fabric is 100% woven polyester, while soft to the touch; it is designated as a heavy duty fabric.  The flow of the monochromatic paisley design has traditional influences with a modern flair.  Refined, yet flirty is Onyx Paisley.

water onyx paisley

In our next post, we will continue exploring the nourishing cycle of Feng Shui with our next element, wood.


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