The Craftsmanship of Hot Rods

“I love driving cars, looking at them, cleaning and washing and shining them. I clean ’em inside and outside. I’m very touchy about cars. I don’t want anybody leaning on them or closing the door too hard, know what I mean?”– Scott Baio


Sunny weather and classic cars go hand in hand in the Southern US.  The Car Cruise Capital of the World is in Somerset, KY.  As one could imagine, there is a lot of creativity and craftsmanship that these Southern boys put into their rides.

Now, mind you, these cars aren’t just for the weekend mechanics. These are the cars of masterminds that also have the finances and spousal support to make their heavy metal dreams come true. Then when these families are tired of their project, they will start all over to see what they can dream of next.

One of the largest classic car clubs in the Commonwealth of Kentucky is Old School Customs. The members of this club span far beyond the Bluegrass State, and even across oceans. The main commonality among the members is their dedication and love of cars.

aaronsNo expense was spared in the evolution of this pick-up truck. The smallest details were sometimes the most important in this creation. The yellow vinyl in the interior was installed with impeccable craftsmanship. Believe me, this ride is stunning in person. K8267 Sun is 100% Virgin Vinyl and would be the perfect match for a topless hydraulic pick-up truck.

K8267 Sun


The hot rods in this cruise glisten in the sun from the metallic-flecked paint. These cars, owned by the Medlock and Bratcher families, are frequently seen in car cruises around Kentucky.  They sound as good as they look! K8258 Brushed Black, metallic 100% Virgin Vinyl would be another great addition to the interiors of these hot rods.


The hot days of summer just can’t get here quickly enough to enjoy the car shows. In the meantime, the car connoisseurs will be in their garages in the cold winter months waiting for the hot rod days of summer.

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.”
Anton Chekhov


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