The Elegant Look of Velvet and Metallics

When looking at how to redo a chair, adding a metallic paint might be the last thing on your mind. Yet it’s an unconventional addition that looks stunning. The chair above shows that much. The metallic color gives a surface sheen. And the velvet gives a rich depth to the piece.

If you’re thinking of going for a metallic shade on a chair, you have a few choices. The silver shade above looks stunning with deep purple, royal blue, wine red, emerald green and turquoise. Gold pairs well with deep crimson, bright orange, deep rose, emerald green and grey-blue. Bronze is a warm yet muted tone that goes with anything. You can also pair a metallic tone with any neutral tone.

But if you want a look like the chair above? Then you’ll want to pair a shimmery metallic tone with a deep-colored velvet shade. Below are some of our deep velvet selections. Or you can browse all velvet fabrics here.

Plum Stripe Velvet


Deep Green Velvet


Lapis Blue Velvet


Ruby Red Solid Velvet


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