Experience Vinyl like never before

Dave Barry, American Columnist and Humorist, hit the nail on the head with this quote, “The four building blocks of the universe are fire, water, gravel and vinyl.”  Twice a year Kovi Fabrics adds over 300 new fabrics to our inventory.  The featured fabric in the latest collection is vinyl.  In 2014, vinyl is bringing a new sensory experience to home interiors and other projects.  Woven, thatched, animal, abstract, cylindrical are just a few textures to experience in vinyl. These are truly unique and in both texture and color. The pictures do not do justice to the fabric, please feel free to sample any of them! Just send us a quick note if you need additional free samples.

Vinyl K8708 Auburn

Vinyl K8809 Sepia

Touch is one of our most important senses.  Different textures in fabrics can stimulate the sense of touch which can lead to memories or other sensory responses.  The latest vinyl fabrics have a plethora of textures to explore.  These textures can enhance or energize your interiors in some of the most unexpected places.  In design history, vinyl has been stereotyped as a cold, predictable upholstery option.  Vinyl is shattering this stereotype in this smashing new collection.

vinyl dining


Inside the home, vinyl is an excellent option for durability.  In traditional uses, vinyl is often found on seating, ottomans, or table coverings.  Often, home dwellers may find the use of leathers not very appealing out of concern for the ethical treatment of animals.  Vinyl is the answer for concerned individuals that are seeking durability and style.  The Oxen Black vinyl could be very appealing due to its soft and supple appearance. Is it really possible for vinyl to be soft and supple?

Yes, and by adding unique textures, vinyl can impress even the most high-browed individuals.

Vinyl Oxen Black K8954

Vinyl has been generating a comeback in creative projects that are only limited by your own creativity.  Pinterest is a clearinghouse of ideas for vinyl projects. 
Vinyl floor mats, make-up bags, aprons, flowers, frames, and clothing tutorials can be found here.  With this substantial collection of vinyl from Kovi Fabrics, the possibilitities to create your latest masterpiece can be overwhelming.



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