Fabric Pattern Feature: Country

Kovi’s extensive selection of country patterns is perfect for giving your home a classic, rustic feel. Whether you want a pattern with wildlife or just a classic plaid pattern to give your home a traditional, cozy look, there are plenty of ways to give your home that bucolic atmosphere. But if you also want to apply that style to the rest of your home, below are some tips for getting the country look.

Remember the rustic: Look for items with distressed paint/finishes, knotted wood or general items that have a reclaimed look to them. The country look is all about a rustic, classic feel. Looking in flea markets will help here.

Choose natural textures: Wood flooring, paneled walls, animal prints and stone hearths will help give your home a rustic cabin feel. Country styles tend to be about letting nature in, so look for natural items like the branch end tables in the photo above.

Opt for organized clutter: While that may seem like an oxymoron, the country look has lots of sentimental collections to it. Collections like classic dolls, old photos, vintage statues and organized farming equipment give the country look its core charm.

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