Hints of Color

Sometimes a pattern doesn’t have to be really bold to still pack plenty of style. The green, blue and white chair above, featured on our Facebook page, shows that hints of accent colors can go a long way. The small hints of color make it the perfect choice for matching it to other pieces of furniture or décor items in your space.

If you’d like to try a pattern with shots of color, we have some samples to get you started. Below are some patterns that offer a dose of color against a basic background. Otherwise, if you’d like to find more options, the small scale pattern page is a good place to start. The abstract and geometric page is a good place to check, as well.

Stitch Accent Contemporary Damask  


Retro Color Palette Abstract Chenille


Geometric Print Upholstery


Geometric Jacquard Upholstery


Black Geometric Woven Upholstery



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