Home Décor Tips for Men

If you are a guy reading this, the word décor might have repulsed you. This is because words like ‘home décor’ and ‘interior design’ usually conjure up images of fashion-savvy men who are more in touch with their feminine side.

But that is not what we are not talking about here, not that there is anything wrong with it. What we are saying is this:

You, as a man, change hairstyles, clothes, and even your cologne on a regular basis. You shave and polish shoes (and even get new ones). You may also follow a diet and fitness routine. Bottom-line, you keep making changes (both trivial and significant) to change your image so that it truly reflects your personality and determines how other people, women in particular, behave around you. Your fabric choices are not limited to your automotive upholstery.

That is exactly what you need to do with your home. Of course, revamping a living space requires time, effort, and money, but the tips presented in the article are simple and effective. That means you don’t need a lavish budget or professional help from movers.

Here is the men’s guide to DIY home design.

What Constitutes a Man’s Living Space?

As mentioned above, your living space defines who you are. In general terms, the following factors are what men value:

Built to Last: There is a reason men love vintage cars: they retain their style and functionality in the long run.  So when we are talking in terms of indoor furniture, you should get furniture that has a classic finish, is sturdy, and offers quality over a life time.

Comfort: Let’s take the example of vintage cars once again. Is it only about their engine power, fuel economy, and that they offer good value on money? Don’t they also make your feel in control, and more important, provide you comfort as your drive from point A to point B? Your furniture and home accessories should offer the same experience.

Your Own: The oil cans in the garage, the album covers on your walls, and the trophy collection on the fireplace all add to making it a man’s living space.  When implementing home design ideas, don’t throw out these essential items, for they contribute the most in projecting your personal tastes.

With the basics covered, let us move on to the technical aspects:

Paint Job

Nothing beats color when it comes to decorating. Unfortunately, this technique is also most time-consuming. But the effort is worth it. A new coat of paint and change of color can infuse new life into any space, as it is the first thing that people notice when you walk into a room.

Another benefit is that you are free to experiment with your own look. However, do keep the basic principle in mind: Lighter colors make a place look bigger while a darker color has the opposite effect/ Neutrals on the other hand, are, well, neutral.


Augment your colors with the right lighting. This is especially beneficial when you are watching TV show. Of course, there is only so much you can do to restructure your home’s lighting structure (especially if you live in a rental), but you always get cool floor lamps, table lamps, and even ceiling fixtures.

Furniture and Accessories

Finally, there are several ways in which you can use furniture to make your home look better. Of course, the best option is to invest in new furniture. But that is expensive. So it’s your call entirely!

But we suggest that you instead get a table base kit and get some reclaimed lumber from a local salvage yard to make your own table.

Moreover, you can also achieve a lot just by rearranging your space. Just by placing your bed, table and sofa in the right angel, you can bring in new energy to your space. When you moved in, you may have simply placed your furniture in haphazard manner. So it is time to reevaluate how much you space you really have. You might have more than you knew!

Following these suggestions, you can spend some money on accessories to augment your furniture, which will cost less than buying new one:

  • An ottoman, as it can also serve as a coffee table.
  • A colorful rug
  • An art piece
  • Wall unit
  • Wine rack and bar stools
  • Accent pillows

That’s about! It isn’t as complicated as you think.

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