KOVI EXCLUSIVE: YouTube Tutorial – Dining Chair Slipcovers

Holiday Make-Over? Make it festive, fun, funky or formal with a quick custom slipcover

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If you’ve got a set of outdated dining chairs, instead of reupholstering it, you can just make a slipcover for them, that way you can easily update them at will without the staple removing every time. And you still have the original fabric underneath, just in case you are feeling a nostalgic or it works sometimes and for some occasions.

Slipcovers are also the go to alternative, because they are incredibly easy to execute and not as complicated as they might look. It really just takes fabric, some pins, scissors and a sewing machine.


1.) First, drape your fabric in sections and pin it over the chair. You will want to pin and mold it to each area.

2.) If you are going for a basic slipcover this should be fairly straight forward, however, custom styling would require extra shaping or manipulating.

4.) Once you are satisfied with its fit and proportions, trim the excess fabric with seam allowance.

5.) Then take it to your sewing machine and sew it as pinned, remove pins and put back on the chair to tes the fit. If you are working with expensive fabric or any fabric, you might want to do a dry run first with same plain, old or cheap fabric for fit and then use that as the pattern, when satisfied.

6) Don’t be afraid to add some flair or a frill, for a bit of thrill, or a bow tie to make it look more celebratory. Or put a more thematic detail on it, depending on the occasion. This is costume dressing after all.

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