A Living Room with Stunning Blues and Oranges

This home design is from designer Barclay Butera’s Instagram account. He reports that while working with this homeowner, they were in perfect harmony. And it shows in the design.

There’s a lot going on in terms of the color scheme. You have your neutrals in the light browns of the coffee table, sofa and curtains. You’ll also see elements of white and black in the cushions, vertical curtains and pillows, further grounding out the look. Elements of blue in the lampshade, vases and cushions add a soothing feel. But the space sings with the orange accent elements.

If you’d like to get a similar look, you can see some fabrics below that match the style above. There’s a blue and white striped fabric, light brown fabric, a black and white option and orange selections.

Clementine Orange Solid Velvet

Coral and White Abstract Tweed

Onyx Black and White Abstract Flower Tweed

Light Blue and White Stripe Denim

Beige Plain Tweed

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