Morocco in Your Home

moroccan-room-sitting-area-sun-room-exotic-bright-colorful-earthy-inspired-decor-pouf-curtain-boho-gypsy-design1Moroccan styled rooms are one of the most popular designs for interiors in 2014.  The tropical climate, middle-eastern mystery, spicy belly dancing, and African adventure swirled together creates the Moroccan lifestyle.  The bright vibrant hues can give the simple home an alluring style.  The Moroccan lifestyle is rich in a multi-ethnic culture and heritage.  Moroccan designs are very ornate and detailed often featuring additional adornments of silver or gold.  Many of today’s interior design features have been inspired by the brilliant colors and patterns from the flowing garments that Moroccan women would frequently wear.

The culture embraces the home as a place of refuge; therefore the rooms are delightfully adorned with many lush features from the patterns, textures, lighting, and art.  A home of refuge requires comfort and security.  A place where you can lounge like a big jungle cat, and escape from the demands of your public life. raja1 There are expertly ascended pendant lamps, curtains that flow softly from the ceiling to floor, and most important the pillow.   An abundance of pillows are always present in Moroccan design.  Floor pillows, tufted pillows, accent pillows are all an integral part of the design plan.

The Pepper pillow cover is appropriately named with the hot hues woven into this fabric.  Pepper1-1-510x600This pillow cover is handcrafted in a beautiful multi-colored fabric. This fabric is 100% polyester, and features a spicy blend of teal, orange, light green, dark blue and yellow colors on a natural background with pronounced piping along the perimeter. The pattern is woven into the fabric, and will outlast pillows with printed fabrics. This pillow cover comes with a concealed side zipper to ensure simple removal for cleaning. This pattern is available in red and sage.  Pillow inserts are sold separately.

The Primo pillow cover would be a perfect complement to a Moroccan themed room. Primo1-1-510x600 The Primo Pillow Cover in Paprika color is handcrafted in a vibrant solid orange fabric. The Primo is a softly woven fabric in 50% cotton and 41% polyester producing a modern and sleek pillow cover. While simple in design, this pillow cover can make a stunning statement in any room. This pillow cover comes with a side zipper to allow for easy removal for dry cleaning, and is also available in emerald, sage, and natural.

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