Name that pattern!

Upholstery fabric can come in a variety of prints and patterns. When searching for the perfect pattern for your upholstery project,  it can be difficult to find it when ´swirly circle thingies´is the only way you can describe it. Well, fear no more! In this post, we will go over some of the basic patterns that will turn you into the pattern connoisseur. Though there are endless combinations of patterns, we will be covering some of the most common in upholstery.

Let´s start by looking at some Kovi designs!


A beautiful design originally named after the city of Damascus, a major trading point on the silk road during the Middle Ages. Damask often features monochromatic (single-colour) weaves in silk, linen, or synthetic fibres such as polyester and feature patterns of flowers, fruit, and other designs.

Latticework or Trellis

Latticework or Trellis are interwoven geometrical design that were originally used in architectural pieces such as wood, cement or metal in India and Morocco. Today they take a modern twist and the designs take form in intricate, modern designs that can be woven or printed in upholstery fabrics.


Matelassé is a french word that means quilted, padded or raised.  This type of pattern though looks padded, often it is not. It is perfect as pillows and can be beautiful as accent fabric.


Suzani is a Middle Eastern pattern that was often used in bridal wedding gowns. They often have a circular medallion central pattern, combined with vines and floral accents. With a colorful and geometrically intricate designs these are perfect window treatments and accent pieces.


Paisley is probably the one of the most famous patterns with its unique tear drop or water drop design. It is of Persian and Indian origin and gets its name from Paisley, Scotland which was the town where some of the first textiles where produced for the West. This beautiful design can be a perfect addition for your favorite seating area, or dining room.

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