New Look for the New Year: Jewel Tones and Rich Materials

Jewel tones will be a hot trend for interior design in 2017. That means deep purples, emeralds, ruby shades, sapphire blues and even rich magentas. This luxurious look also pairs well with lavish materials like pearl, opal, metals, quartz and Lucite.

One way to get the best of this look is to go for a deep ruby velvet fabric on furniture. Velvet will match that lavish feel of jewel tones. Deep jewel tones are made for the rich texture of velvet. The chair above shows how well deep purple velvet looks on a chair, along with some metal accents. It really shows how rich materials and colors were made for each other.

You can see some of our similar velvet jewel-toned fabrics below for inspiration. You can also see all velvet fabrics here.

Eggplant Velvet

Ruby Red Solid Velvet

Green Solid Velvet

Pink Solid Velvet

Sapphire Blue Solid Velvet

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