Get Pet Friendly with your Upholstery Fabric

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”

– George Eliot

Pets are becoming a staple in every household.  Everyone loves their “fur babies”, including me.  For a household with 2 dogs, 6 cats, and 2 children; I know the challenges of maintaining a lovely home all too well.   

PitsThe fabric that you choose for your furniture is a very important decision in your home.  Have you ever considered your pet as a source of inspiration?  A genius way to win the battle of pet hair is to match your furniture to the pet’s fur.  For example, if you have a Black Russian Terrier, forget the white sofa.  If your sweet creamsicle colored cat’s favorite place to perch is on your bed, then use a golden hued throw.


Another challenge with our pets is the dreaded claw puncture.  Go for fabrics that have a tighter weave in the construction.  Fabrics with a tighter weave will make it much more difficult for a pet to cause damage with their claws, and the tight weave will minimize the appearance of pet hair.  Microfiber or microsuede fabrics are always a good choice, such as K3460 Camel. This microfiber fabric is an excellent choice as a neutral color, 100% Nylon for a tight weave, and it can be cleaned using a water-based cleaner.  Pet hair can easily be removed on microfiber with a lint brush or squeegee (Yes, a squeegee. The pet hair just rolls up.)camel

Another good fabric choice is a denim or twill.  K7573 Denim Stripe can easily conceal pet hair with the stripe pattern.  This fabric is heavy-duty in a cotton/polyester/acrylic/olefin blend. If Spot makes a spot on this fabric, it can be easily cleaned with a solvent based cleaner.Denim stripe

Lastly, K4540 Corsica is a beautiful floral print that can conceal a lot, but this fabric is found in an unexpected place…Outdoor Fabrics.  Even the famed designer Bill Blass, would frequently use outdoor fabric inside his home as slipcovers to protect his furniture.  He was an avid pet

Some of the fabrics to avoid when having pets inside the home are:  velvets, chenille, embroidered, heavy tweeds, and silks.  The loose weave or delicate fibers of these fabric choices would not last long around a mischievous Siamese cat.  “We are Siamese, if you please.  We are Siamese, if you don’t please.”Cat_Tree_One

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  1. I bought a loveseat with fabric that looks and feels like leather, but isn’t. I want to re-upholster my couch in a contrasting color, but I don’t know what kind of fabric to look for. I’d like the same easy care of the fabric on the loveseat. Can you help with suggestions. I find your selections daunting there are so many.

    Thanks, Rosina


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