Project Earth

“Nature is so powerful, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy – your work becomes a dance with light and the weather. It takes you to a place within yourself.”

– Annie Leibovitz


As I was flying across the southwestern United States, I was completely captivated by Earth’s beauty.  I was blessed with this opportunity to snap a photo, and share with so many people that may never have the favor of experiencing this overwhelming but simple beauty.  The crisp blues breaking the horizon as the clouds danced lazily across the rugged earth.  This was a moment of perfect balance which I will never experience again from 35,000 feet.

The Earth is perfectly balanced.  One degree closer to the Sun, and the Earth would be in a state of chaos.  The Earth element in Feng Shui is the element of strength, stability, and order.  A perfect sense of balance with Earth, too much and a sense of heaviness will prevail, too little and the clutter will take over.  Earth is the next element in the Feng Shui productive cycle.  Earth is born from fire, and provides the foundation for metal.


Earth can be represented in earth tone colors, photos of terrain, brick, pottery, or similar textures.  Earth can bring a sense stability into your home.  The kitchen is often is the central hub for many families.  Pull up a chair, and talk about the days events  to keep the family all on the  same page.  The use of a beautiful polyurethane K8139 Caramel is a superb choice for the style and durability.  This fabric is easily wiped clean in a high traffic environment.

caramelYou may feel like earthtones are too heavy for your living environment.  An easy way to bring the earth into a living environment is with throw pillows.  Everyone loves throw pillows.  They can be placed most anywhere, even large floor pillows against a brick hearth to make the fireplace a perfect cuddle spot.

feng-shui-couch-resized-600Chenille is a perfect choice for throw pillows.  K7993 Sable is a delicate choice for touch, but surprisingly durable in this polyester blend.  This particular color is very reminiscent of desert terrain.

K7993 sable

A spice colored room can teter on the edge of fire and earth.  With K6365 Desert, you can rest assured in comfy conversation chairs that the room is nicely balanced to encourage emotional connections while being grounded and comfortable.

orange-room-mecoxK6365 Desert

In our next post, we will explore the element of metal, the final element of the productive cycle.

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