Redoing a Vintage Chair with Animal Prints

If you’d like a unique look, redoing a vintage chair in an animal print is the way to go. The chair above shows how well the two styles can go together. The animal print gives the chair a slightly sassy modern look, juxtaposing the vintage chair’s style. It’s a classic French Louis XVI-style oval armchair, made of heavy-weight cotton.

What really brings this chair to life is the shiny black paint job that matches the zebra pattern well. It also gives the chair a much more updated look, along with the fabric.

If you’d like to try something similar, several of our zebra patterns are below. To make this more of a customized look, not all of the patterns follow the same black-and-white style. For instance, the last selection shows you could go for something as wild as lilac. A lilac paint job on the wood and a lilac zebra fabric would be good for an artsy style or a child’s room.

You can also browse all animal prints here.

Cream and Black Zebra Print


Tan Zebra Print


Grey Zebra Print


Midnight Zebra Print


Lilac Zebra Print


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  1. Hi’ I live in Israel and i’m looking for fabric to cover old Louis 16 chairs and Sofa’s. I would like an animal print similar to K1880 Marble Cheetah or Blue Leopard Print. Can you give me your advice? Do you have anything else? How much fabric do I need for a classic French Louis XVI style oval armchair? Do you ship to Israel?


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