The Emotional Element of Fire

Wave after wave of love flooded the stage and washed over me, the beginning of the one great durable romance of my life.” – Bette Davis

Heat, passion, touch, desire, burn, climax, and 50 shades of everything is the element of fire.  The fire element is the element of emotional connection.  Much like the electricity that you feel when you experience immediate connection with another soul; the fire element can cultivate warmth within your personal relationship when you enhance your home with fire.

In the dead heat of winter, temps are frigid, as well as, people.  The dreary gray skies can zap our desire to even move, much less exert emotional effort.  Imagine, these feelings after a long day at work, and then you come into your personal sanctuary of passion.  You long for comfort and coziness, and maybe even with a warm drink in your hand.  Your clothes drop to the floor, and you feel the soft warmth of touch on your skin.  You are home.  Cocooned in lush comfort making you forget about the exterior world.


Do you want this experience in your home?  You can make it happen with some fire inspired colors, textures, and fabrics.  The fire element is the next element in the productive Feng Shui cycle.  As mentioned before, the fire element is the element of emotional connection and leadership.  It can be represented in red and orange hues, triangle or pyramid shapes, animal prints or faux skins, and the obvious flames from candles or fireplaces.  Heed caution with placement of your fire elements, and don’t get burned.

The K7421 Jewel is a polyester rayon blend that is a beautiful representation in the pattern and color of this fabric selection.  This fabric would be a beautiful choice for a bed scarf or curtains, and can easily be cleaned with a solvent based cleaner.



Don’t let this fabric name deceive you, Glacier K6533 in the snow leopard print and suede feel can unleash your inner feline instinct as you prowl in your lair.  This fabric would be sublime on a fabulous chaise lounge with plenty of accent pillows to snuggle with.


K3246 Apricot Ultrastitch can remedy many needs with the geometric pattern in the stitching as well as spicy sweet color.  The important feature of this fabric is durability.  While soft and supple, this polyester microfiber can withstand up to 48,000 double rubs.  Can you imagine how 48,000 double rubs would feel?  Let’s leave you with that steamy thought….


Our next installment in this series will bring us out of the flames and back to ground zero with the Earth element.  Until then, have fun in the heat, but don’t get burned!

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  1. The falling petals on the wall & celing are beautiful!!!!! is that fabric or a mural????where can I get it. I see no reference to it in the entire article but Luv the inspiration.


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