A Tiny Home with Bright Accents and Soothing Neutrals

The living room you see above is actually a tiny home on wheels. It’s a project from AL Tiny Homes. Already furnished, you can see how cozy it looks.

They did a great job with the fabrics on this one. The darker brown on the sofa goes well with the wood walls. And the plush texture on the sofa adds a feel of luxury in an otherwise rustic-looking space with knotted wood textures.

What pops in this space is the red accent chair in the corner. It really livens up a space that could become too uniform with all the brown in the wood walls and the sofa. Throw pillows add further red accents.

If you’d like to try something similar, below are some of our fabrics that match the styles in the photo. You can also see all our plain red/solid fabrics here. And our brown velvet textures are here. Our red stripe patterns are here.

Obsession Red Solid Genuine Leather

Burgundy Red Automotive Vinyl Upholstery

Espresso Brown Solid Velvet

Red Beige and Brown Large Decorative Stripe Upholstery

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