Tommy Hilfiger Corporation selects KOVI Fabrics

Tommy Hilfiger Corporation has selected KOVI Fabrics for their upholstery fabric needs. Tommy Hilfiger will use KOVI Fabrics for displays in its corporate-owned stores.

Hilfiger’s displays will feature Tommy Hilfiger’s premier designs made out of KOVI Fabrics’ recycled leather. The upholstery material is composed of a post-industrial recycled leather substrate under a polyurethane layer, a unique combination that joins the feel and durability of leather with the workability and color consistency of polyurethane.

KOVI Fabrics is a virtual fabric showroom that features thousands of upholstery, microfiber and outdoor fabrics, and faux leather and vinyl in an online environment. Based in Minneapolis, Minn., the company offers a diverse, vast selection of top quality upholstery fabrics at a competitive price. Free samples are always available, and free shipping is offered on orders more than five yards. No restocking fees apply for returns. For more information or to view the upholstery fabrics online gallery, visit the KOVI Fabrics website.

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