The Transitional Appeal of Jennifer Lawrence’s Home

For a classic, relaxing style you don’t need to look much further than Jennifer Lawrence’s home for inspiration. Timeless cream tones, classic floral arrangements, basic furniture styles and ornate lighting fixtures dominate the home. The space keeps true to the timeless and neutral feel of transitional homes.

If you’d like to get this style for your home, you’ll want to look for basic shades of white, tan and cream, classic floral displays and fabric patterns, ornate accents like crystal chandeliers, basic focal points like bronze-framed mirrors and any items with a light, neutral and orderly appearance to them. Below are some ideas to get you started on this bright, soothing and timeless design.

Pumpkin Floral Arrangement: Great for Fall


Rose Mist Upholstery Fabric  


Crystal Chandelier


Sugarcane White Upholstery Fabric


Bronze-Framed Mirror


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