Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Green

Looking for a new feel to a room that promotes balance and peace? You can’t go wrong with incorporating soothing tones of green. Like blue, green is the color to turn to when you are looking for a relaxing oasis in the home. In addition to general soothing vibes, green also denotes harmony, renewal and even environmental awareness.

It’s a great color if you want to bring the soothing tones of nature into your home, making it a fine choice for a home with an outdoors theme. And since the grounded, relaxing vibes of green are so universal, it makes a great addition to any room of the house that could use a dose of balance and harmony. It has even been used in one of the White House parlors to create a graceful and relaxed feel, as seen in the aptly named Green Room above.

An easy way to introduce this color is to look for upholstery in green shades. Below are several ideas from the new sale items, or you can find all green selections here.

Emerald Beach  


Pine Solid Chenille


Green Solid Faux Silk


Leaf Asian Embroidery


Green Geometric Faux Silk


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