10 Colors That Will Match Your Pink Upholstery Fabric

Are you a fan of pink upholstery fabric?

Many people secretly are. But while you may like it as a cheeky scarf or fashionable set of pumps in your closet, you may not feel brave enough to dress your sofa or wingback chairs in pink. Pink is still considered the ultimate feminine color, but it’s not only for ladies to use in their houses. Pink has taken the design world by storm, and it’s ruling the roost, too. 

So how do you use pink upholstery fabric in your home? And what colors will match that hot pink sofa you’ve just ordered? It can be a challenge, but we’ve got some epic combinations for you to consider. 

Considerations When Deciding on What to Pair With Pink Upholstery Fabric

Before you grab the nearest color swatches, consider what you want to achieve with the pink upholstery fabric pairing. Do you want to:

  • Subdue the Pink

If you have chosen a shade of pink that’s a little too vibrant, you may want to tone it down by using subdued shades with it. Draping soft pastels colored drapes over the sofa and matching them with neutral shade pillows can help you soften the “pink blow.”

  • Emphasize the Pink 

Perhaps what you thought would be shocking pink to make that ultra-modern statement with the pink upholstery fabric you chose for your chaise long turned out to be a bit blah instead. Liven up that drab pink with contrasting colors and juxtapose pink against aggressively darker shades of red and burgundy to really make it pop. 

  • Complement the Pink 

Maybe you want to match your soft pink shaded wingback chairs and bring out their pink color without stealing the show in your study? Using different shades of pink upholstery fabric and shades of soft fuchsia and pastel blue can help tone the pinks without making too much of a fuss. 

  • Change the Pink Tone

Oh dear, you chose the wrong shade of pink for the room you are revamping. Now what? How do you make that shade of hot pink less red and more like pink icing? Simple, use tonal transfer to help the pink look more icing colored. By matching the pink upholstery fabric with a shade that’s stronger, you can reduce its impact. Match the hot pink with chocolate brown upholstery fabric and strip away some of that red heat in the hot pink. 

  • Contrast the Pink

Working with contrasts can have a really effective result in a modern home. Pink is essentially a shade of red, so contrast it with the opposite of red (i.e. green). Match a passion pink with shades of leaf green, peachy orange (in case there’s a shade of purple to the pink), and tie together the look with a bit of rose gold. 

10 Colors to Match Your Pink Upholstery Fabric 

1. Pink and Black Match 

Matching your sofa’s hot pink upholstery fabric with black armchairs is a clever way to balance the racy color of pink furniture. The balance happens because black drains colors of their vibrance and brightness. 

You could use the same trick when using other bright colors. Simply add a solid black color nearby, and the excess “wildness” is drained away. 

2. Pink and Burgundy 

Believe it or not, pink and burgundy are good friends. Match a pale pink to deep burgundy and you’re starting a great partnership that will really flourish if you add a dash of cream-colored upholstery fabric somewhere. 

Since pink and burgundy are both shades of red, they have a nice visual conversation, and you can even be so bold as to match a few vibrant patterns in burgundy with a darker shade of pink on a cream background. 

3. Pink and Teal 

Pink and teal may sound like a shady deal, and you’re right. It works as long as you choose the same shade of pink and teal. The hot pink and cooler teal balance makes for a great color combination. The pink upholstery fabric you choose to use needs to closely match the teal fabric in intensity. 

Break up the solidity with a bit of pattern on a neutral background. White fabric with some pale pink flowers and teal leaves can be a great way to join this together.

5. Pink and Gray

Oh, what a classic combination this is. We’ve been combining pink and gray in fashion for years, but it’s finally caught up in the home decor sphere. Gray balances pink without fully neutralizing it as black does. 

Pair a medium gray with a hot pink or fuchsia pink. A lighter shade of gray can complement a pale pastel pink, while a dark gray looks stunning with a muted or dusted pink.

To apply this to your home, match the pink upholstery fabric with a suitable gray cushion, drape, rug, or ottoman. 

6. Pink and Red

Far from being a hippy cry for attention (or peace), combining red and pink creates a visually stunning room. Match equal-toned red and pink upholstery fabric to create a lively color palette. Tone things down a little by adding some gray stripes and a light umber stripe too. 

Pink and red are great for warming up a cold room, breaking a formal atmosphere by using them as cushions on otherwise neutral upholstered furniture. 

7. Pink and Blue

Unlike the old saying, “pink and blue will never do,” pink and blue upholstery fabric are great together. The pink and blue combo is a variation of the pink and teal combo above. 

Blue, being a cool color, balances the hotness of pink. Try to use similar tones and intensities of colors. Using patterns in neutral colors to help tie the two colors together is also a great strategy. 

8. Pink and Neutral Tan

Pink blends well with neutral tones like tan and nude. Add a pink splash cushion to a beige 100% leather sofa. Neutral colors will help liven up the pink while keeping things on the down-low.  

9. Pink and Mint Green

Perhaps one of the latest trends is to combine medium-toned pink upholstery fabric or a blush shade of pink with mint green. The two colors should have a similar tonal (equally light or dark) to achieve this great combination. Choosing these two colors in pastel shades is a sure winner that will leave your home feeling light and springy. 

Be daring and upholster your dining room chairs in alternating pastel pink and mint green. Tie it all together with a great tree bark neutral brown tabletop and fittings. You’re sure to have a great dinner-time talking point right there. 

10. Pink and Metallic Tones 

Pink combines well with pale silver or bright gold. The darker the pink, the lighter the metallic shade should be. Copper and medium pink work well, and choosing furniture with copper, silver, or gold fittings are a great way to merge pink and metallic colors. 

The Final Pink Upholstery Fabric Advice

When you’re faced with shelves and shelves of great pink upholstery fabric, it can be hard to make a sound decision. The final tip you can follow is choosing a patterned fabric with pink and other colors. If you really like it, then match the same shades of pink and tones of the other color/s to find the best choices for your home. Alternatively, you can choose one pink tone and then ask the talented consultants at Kovi Fabrics for help.

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