Do You Have Extra Upholstery Fabric? 11 No-Sew Scrap Fabric Projects

We all know that one person who has a pile of fabric scraps in their house. If you’re that person, try these quick scrap fabric projects! 

Get crafty with these 11 fabric ideas without needing a sewing machine. These projects ideas are no-sew, beginner-friendly, and only take a few minutes to finish!

1. Rag Rug Using Old Bedding

If you have a collection of old bedding, try turning them into a rug. Prepare your fabric scissors, anti-slip mat, and your old bedding. 

Without using a sewing machine, cut three single or twin fitted sheets into 15cm by 3cm. Then, tie the strips to the rug to add style. The process might take longer, especially if you want a huge rug. But it’s so worth it!

This scrap fabric project is perfect for shabby chic homes. Feel free to mix different bedding fabrics that match your furniture pieces.

2. Hair Bows

You can create this hair bow project on a boring weekend, long road trip, or during break times! Make sure your 5″ x 5″ fabrics are ready. It would help if you also had some scissors, ruler, hair clips, embroidery floss, and Peel n Stick.

Fold the fabric into two to create a crease and place a 5″ x ½” Peel n Stick over it. Remove the second liner and fold the ends of the fabric at the center. Then, press it down.

Rotate your fabric and put another piece of tape at the center. The bow’s exterior should be at the center so you can fold it into half like a ribbon. Use the floss to secure the ribbon and paste the clips. 

3. Pom-Pom Pens

Pom-pom pens are one of the easiest scrap fabric projects you can try. It’s an excellent addition to your novelty pen collection, making writing more enjoyable!

Prepare a rotary cutter, pen, decorative tape, hot glue, and ¼-inch fabric scraps. Decide how fluffy you want the pom-pom to be, then gather several strips of fabric. Once you’ve reached enough strips, tie a knot of another strip in the center. 

Cut the loops on the knots using your scissors, and you have a pom-pom! All you have to do next is wrap the pen in decorative tape and glue the pom-pom on top. 

4. Fabric Flip Flops

Make your slippers more colorful by replacing the straps with your favorite, old fabric. You only need three materials, your flip-flops, fabric, and a hot glue gun.

Start by removing the plastic straps and cutting a 1″ by 10″ fabric strip. Fold it in half and insert it at the center hole, from the bottom to the top. But don’t create a knot yet!

Then, cut another piece of fabric at around 4″ by 25″. Place one end through the other holes and tie a knot. Bring it to the material in the middle to create a loop and insert it on the other flip-flop’s side. Make the final knots, and you’re ready to wear your new slippers!

5. Handmade Bookmarks from Old Linens

If you’re a cloth enthusiast, even your small items like your bookmarks can be made of fabric! You don’t need massive yardage for this scrap fabric project. An old handkerchief would do!

Draw a 2″ x 6″ rectangle on an iron-on adhesive and position it up on your hanky’s opposite side. Press it with an iron, let it cool for a few minutes, then cut out the rectangle. 

Once you have a rectangular cloth, remove the paper backing and position it on thick, plain fabric. Iron it one more time and let it cool. Some additional decorations you can make include cutting the edges with scalloped shears and fastening a ribbon. 

6. Fabric Flower Pot

Fabric flower pots will make your indoor garden more colorful this springtime. And the best tip for the fabric to fit well is to ensure accurate yardage calculations

Lay the pot on the fabric and mark the top and button. You can also trace the top while rolling it around. 

Now, place it back in your initial position and lower the pot three inches. Keep drawing a line while you’re rolling the jar and adding three extra inches.  

Start cutting the pattern and applying mod podge to the pot. Start sticking it on the top of the fabric, working your way around from top to bottom. Then, cover the inside and outside edges by pulling them tightly. Make sure to leave the hole at the bottom open!

7. Fabric Pumpkins

Fabric pumpkins make a great decoration whether it’s fall or not! This no-sew item requires three styrofoam balls, different fabric designs, scissors, and a knife.

Partially cut the ball into slices with a kitchen knife, along with fabrics that are ½ inch larger than every slice. Tuck each fabric inside the pumpkin slices, and you’re done! The cloth should stay inside without glue if the cuts are narrow.

You can also add a small tree branch at the center of the fabric for the pumpkin stem. Leaves will also look cute on top!

8. Headband from Vintage Fabric

This no-sew headband can make your effortless hairstyle look neater and lovelier. And the best part? You only need fifteen minutes to make it!

Begin by placing your vintage fabric or an old shirt on a flat surface and draw the lines of your headbands. Cut it out, fold it into eight, and put the two extremities together.

If you can’t find a decorative cloth, draw dots on your plain fabric. This process will create a polka dot design for your headband.

9. Bangle Bracelets

Don’t like the look of your old bangle? Try wrapping your favorite fabric around it! Use different cotton fabric designs to match different outfits.

Cut the fabric into 1.5″ x 24″ strips or larger depending on your bracelet’s size. Prepare the other materials, including foam brush, mod podge, scissors, and a plastic cup.

Apply the mod podge evenly and wrap the fabric around the bangle. Start from the inside, outside, and overlap until you’ve covered the whole bangle. 

10. No-Sew Garland

Fabric garlands make less waste for parties than plastic and paper decor. Use your favorite color combinations and patterns to complement the theme. 

Calculate the space where you want to hang the garlands. Add two or three inches to the number you get and cut your cord accordingly. 

Cut the fabric into eight strips of 2.25″ x 22″ for each piece. Fold the fabric in half and cover the legs around the string. Repeat the process until you’re ready to hang the fabric garland. 

11. Fabric Luggage Tags

A luggage tag will make your travels more convenient, especially when you’re at the baggage carousel. Make it stand out with a patterned fabric case!

Fuse the Heat N Bond to the opposite side of the strip and peel off the backing. Put another fabric on the other side and set it aside.

Apply another Heat n Bond on the last fabric piece. Then, draw a box on the other side with a hole in the middle for your name. Sandwich the fabric pieces together with your iron and attach the label. 

No-Sew Scrap Fabric Projects Are the Way to Go!

These eleven scrap fabric projects are some of the ways you can upcycle leftover fabric or old bedding. There is no need to bust out your sewing machine for these ideas because everything is suitable for newbies!

Have you tried any of these no-sew projects? Let us know and share this post with your fellow fabric fans! Check out some more great tips like our list of no-sew cat toys!

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