15 No-Sew Fabric Projects That Anyone Can Make

Love fabric but hate sewing? Sewing machines can be intimidating, but there are many ways to use your beautiful fabric without holding a needle! 

Try these 15 no-sew fabric projects on your next creative undertaking! Everything is affordable and easy to follow, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

1. Book Covers

Make your coffee table books colorful by covering them with your favorite fabrics! Keep your messy fabric glues because you only need to prepare your fabric, scissors, tape measure, fusible web, and a Durathon iron.  

Measure the book’s height and width from front to back so that the fabric wraps around the entire item. Then, cut the fabric eight inches longer to create a pocket where the book cover will sit. 

Activate the fusible bonding web on the sides and set your Durathon iron to the “wool” setting. Press the fabric to create a neat fold and insert the ends of your books!

2. Braided Headbands

Are you having a bad hair day? A braided headband can fix that. It’s a fashionable way to keep your hair out of your face. All you need is a blank headband and your fabric of choice. 

Cut the fabric into strips and braid them together. Wrap another strip of cloth around the headband using craft glue and stick the braided material on top.  

Feel free to mix colors, fabrics, and ribbons. You can also dazzle it with sequins and beads.

3.  Fleece Poncho

A fleece poncho would be an adorable addition to your child’s wardrobe essentials! It’s easy to wear and take off when in the car seat. 

For the fabric calculations, fold two fabrics into a triangle. Then, measure your kid’s shoulders and add two inches for allowance. The number you get should be the measurement from the vertex to the bottom of the triangle. 

Unfold the two fabrics into a square and bring the corners to the center. Then, mark the middle and measure your kid’s neck. You can also include a braided material on the hole and the bottom for style.

4. Tutu Bed Skirt

A tutu bed skirt is one of the best fabric projects you can do for your girly daughter! Make her feel like a princess by pinning tulle fabric on your box spring. 

If you don’t want to poke holes on the bed, purchase a fitted sheet where you can attach the pins and cloth. You can fold one inch of the tulle each time you pin. It will create lovely, fluffy layers. Make it as thick as possible so the box spring becomes invisible. 

5.  Favor Bags

Are you throwing a party? Make the giveaways eco-friendly and fashionable using cotton bags instead of plastic!  

Start by cutting 8” by 4” fabric pieces. Then, fold each as you would with a paper gifting bag using an iron and fuse tape. You can even poke holes to create a handle. Or just tie it with another fabric scrap for a more rustic look.

6.  Cloth Napkins 

Perhaps this fabric project is the easiest to perform on this list. With the right design and fold, a table napkin will enhance the look of your table and the tone of your dinner. Fine linen is the best cloth option for this table accessory. 

Each cloth should be 13” on all sides so that you can iron the seams around the perimeter. You can create a basic fold or do an envelope fold to make the table more attractive. 

7. No-Sew Wingback Chair Makeover

This no-sew method for reupholstering a chair turns your furniture from drab to fab. Measure your chair for fabric yardage, or use this calculator to know how much upholstery fabric you need.  

Once you have your fabric, get a staple gun and start replacing the old material. There’s no need to trace the template and sew the ends. Just pull the fabric tight when stapling to hug the shape of your chair. You can also change the batting and cushion if you wish. 

8.  Floor Pillows 

Floor pillows automatically make the living room feel homier. And you can create this item without a sewing machine! You will need one yard of fabric, iron, tape, and stuffing for one giant pillow. 

Mark the size of the pillow on the fabric, making sure to include two inches of allowance on all sides. Cut out the two squares and attach them using an iron and hem fuse tape. Stuff according to your preference, and have a cozy lounge on the sofa!

9. Diaper Changing Pad 

Step up your baby’s diaper changing pad using your favorite fabric. Make sure it’s a mix of cotton and oilcloth fabric for water resistance and comfort. As with other fabric projects, you will use hem tape and iron to paste the pieces. 

Don’t forget to include a pocket for the diapers. Cut a piece of fabric, fold a slight hem, and glue it again.

10. Cloth Doll 

A cloth doll makes an excellent toy for your children or a beautiful decoration for your home. Gather large fabric scraps, a large stick to stabilize the doll, and rubber bands. 

The first set of fabric scraps will be the head of the doll. Add a rubber band to keep it in place. Wrap the second piece around the stick for the body and the third on the shoulders for a scarf.

11. Fabric Flowers

This fabric flower can be a gift topper or a room decoration for boards and tabletops. Get a bright-colored fabric, a button that matches, and hot glue. 

Start by cutting the fabric into a small circle using a mug as a template. Fold it into quarters to get the middle point and add glue to that spot. Then, fold all the sides onto the center and the pointy corners. Top with a button, and you’re done!

12. Fabric Tape

Make your scrapbooks more textured and colorful using fabric tapes. Stick your double-sided tape on a piece of fabric, cut it along the sides, and that’s it! 

The decorative tape is ideal for gift wrapping and love letters. Kids might even use it as a band-aid for their toy dolls.

13. Fabric Wallpaper 

Make your room more enjoyable with a statement wallpaper made of thin cotton! It can be your door, a part of your bedroom wall, or an old wooden cabinet. 

Mix some corn starch and boiling water until it’s thick. While it’s cooling, measure the part you want to add wallpaper. Make sure to cut holes for handles and knobs. Brush it with paste and start applying the fabric.

This fabric project is easy and very affordable. Aside from the readily available materials, you won’t need an assistant to help you anymore!

14. Kids’ Tent 

It’s fun to build a fort out of sheets, but it’s more enjoyable to have a tent where children can play. Set this simple playhouse indoor or outdoor for the perfect playtime. The supplies you need include fabric, Stitch Witchery, iron, drill, and some pieces of wood. 

To make the A-shaped frame, place wooden dowels on drilled holes of the board. Sandpaper would be helpful if you can’t squeeze them in. Then, insert the bottom dowel on each side. 

Hem the cloth’s rough edge with Stitch Witchery and fold onto the dowel with iron. Make sure the fabric is tight, so the tent looks neat. 

15. Curtains

Making your curtains without sewing is easier than expected. Measure the window where you will place the curtains to match the fabric size. Two panels are also better than creating a whole piece.  

The second step is to fold the edges for a hem using some Peel n Stick. Add the eyelets and grommets, and you’re ready to hang them!

Try These Fabric Projects!

Now you know that it’s possible to perform different fabric projects without sewing. Unleash your creativity by making no-sew curtains, favor bags, bed skirts, and reupholstery! I hope this list of no-sew fabric ideas inspires you for your next project. Which one are you trying first? Leave your answer in the comments below! And for more great sewing project ideas, check out our guide to bedroom fabrics!

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