18 Design Inspirations with Drapery Fabric

The proper drapery fabric frames a beautiful view from your home and makes your ceiling look high. Whether you want it heavy and dramatic or crisp and straightforward, there’s always a drape design for everything! 

I’ve gathered 18 drapery fabric ideas to inspire your home. All of them are elegant, functional, and easy to recreate. 

  1. Neutral Curtains

A nude and neutral set of curtains makes the room look elegant and clean. These huge oatmeal-colored panels come from organic cotton to make your living room feel airy. The texture surely compensates for the pale shade!

The monochromatic living room accentuates the high ceiling, thanks to the curtains. Make sure to hang them from top to bottom!

2.                   Sheer and Sunny

This custom curtain uses 100% linen to complement the spacious and minimalist living room. Lightweight curtains like this ensure that sunlight is part of your home’s overall beauty. Make sure to hang them in a room where no one is likely to invade your privacy!

3.                   Bed Canopy

If you think sheer curtains aren’t suitable for you, repurpose them into a bed canopy. Surround it with a 360-degree fabric without having to change your mattress, headboard, and frame! This Moroccan-themed bedroom gives off beachy vibes for a good night’s sleep.

4.                   No-Sew Drop Curtain

Love the appearance of a natural cotton canvas? Hang the fabric right away! Iron the material and attach the rings to the drop cloth curtains. You can also bleach it to lighten the color and for a rawer look. 

5.                   Patterned Roman Shades

Roman shades are an easy way to make your room more layered. Spice it up with some patterns, like this Vanderpoel Stripe piece. The print suits the kitchen’s color scheme, and the natural fibers soften the space.

6.                   Pom-Pom Curtains

Add a hint of quirk to your room using pom-pom curtains. It’s perfect for plain panels so that you can add color. Or match the color like this playful curtain design. Prepare your hemming tape and iron when attaching the pom-pom fringe trim. 

7.                   Decorative Shower Curtains

A two-toned shower curtain for a plain white bathroom adds decoration to your safe space without looking cheap. Opt for vibrant tabs or grommets that match your faucet and other metal colors. 

8.                   Curtains Behind Headboard

Put your bed against the window and block out the light with curtains that hang from top to bottom. It makes your bedroom look romantic, private, and cozy. This bedroom has beige curtains that match the walls.

9.                   Bohemian Macrame Curtains

A bohemian-inspired room wouldn’t be complete without macrame. This fringe kitchen valance uses a cotton cord, which is ideal for anyone who wants natural materials in their home. Incorporate it in both vintage and modern interior styles. 

Try hanging the lovely cotton macrame on the door if you don’t want to place it on the window. It will make your entryway look charming and elegant. 

10.               Slipcovers

Drapery doesn’t always have to be dramatic. This gorgeous home uses beige slipcovers on its dining seats to complement the medium-tone wooden floor. It’s neutral, not flowy, and very clean-looking. 

11.               Blackout Curtains

When we think of blackout curtains, dark colors usually come to mind. However, this shouldn’t always be the case. Keep your room bright and light without the sun with these yellow insulated drapes. 

12.               Don’t Forget the Design of the Rod

Even though we’re talking about drapery, you also have to consider the rod’s design. Ask yourself, will it match the style of your curtains? A good curtain rod will boost any interior design, whether shabby chic, rustic, or tropical.

The best tip to choosing the curtain rod color is to match it with the darkest item in the room. Or you can repeat the most vibrant element in the room, like this brass-filled breakfast space. It pairs well with the floor and millwork colors. 

13.               Create a Kids’ Fort

Your children will love a kids’ fort made of beautiful drapery fabrics instead of a blanket! Add bright throw pillows, a hefty cushion, and trendy toys to make it look cozier. Attach them to a high point using a clothespin.

14.               Lush, Tropical Print

The gorgeous palm leaf print on the green and blue curtains completes the tropical-inspired corner of the room. It looks excellent with real plants and brown elements, bringing lush colors to the tiny space. 

15.               High Bed Canopy

A luxurious canopy bed highlights a bedroom’s ceiling, making it look high even if you live in a tiny apartment. This four-corner mesh drapery also acts as a shield from mosquitoes at night. It’s the perfect blend of simplicity and royalty!

16.               Bold and Messy

This bohemian bedroom uses natural materials for the bedding frame, along with randomly knotted white fabric. You can also hang decorative elements on the canopy like lights to save ceiling space. 

17.               Mix and Match

Try using two different curtain patterns and materials beside each other. Look how this dark, velvet curtain on the doorway synchronizes with the patterned curtain on the window. The couch, artwork, and other room elements tie them together.

18.               Use Tiebacks

Tiebacks or holdbacks hold your window treatments on both sides to open up. Make your beautiful visible beautiful by tying your curtain to one side. It creates a lovely asymmetry for a dynamic feel.

Bottom Line

Drapery fabric is perfect for window treatments, slipcovers, and canopy beds! It produces a sophisticated backdrop for your interior and makes it feel homier. It also adds texture, illusion, and frame to your space.

How would you design your drapery fabric? Make sure to share this post with anyone who needs room inspo! And check out some of our great fabric choices for your next project!

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