d and calm. 

Just the kind of energy right at home for an upholstered headboard in a checkered tweed Olefin performance fabric, add throw pillows in shams in embroidered an elevated blue floral pattern. Or bring some energy and confidence to your breakfast nook with an upholstered bench or kitchen chairs wearing a classic houndstooth pattern tapestry in indigo and white. 

Blue Nova is a stage-setter, foundation, and an alluring lift all in one. It’s like a cup of coffee at just the right strength to get you dialed in but not overly dialed up. Choose it for upholstery fabric projects wherever a cup or two of that might come in handy.

Viridis: The Color Hard To Say But Warm And Welcoming To Come Home To

Now, envision Viridis. Don’t worry, we couldn’t either. Instead, imagine the feeling of lounging on a blanket overlooking rolling, lush fields of deep green. Better, right? Graham & Brown’s Color of the Year, Viridis is that feeling. As they describe it, this muted green hue “has been conscientiously curated to create a warm and welcoming space, offering a calming atmosphere for its guests.”

And that’s where it will be most at home in your home or office. Like an office reception area offering a warm welcome in durable yet inviting sage cotton duck fabric, mix in some pieces in a classic and calming checkered pattern in soft mint and natural tones. Speaking of mint, head back to the bedroom. What’s better than a mint on your pillow? Propping your pillow up against your ever-inviting headboard softly singing slumber’s song in voluptuous minty green velvet.

All of these hues, each playing in the key of Viridis, come bearing just the right notes to make you and your guests feel right at home wherever you use them in your furniture upholstery.

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The Color Of The Year With Limitless Possibilities For Your Home

Finally, Gilden’s Color of the Year — a truly limitless tone. No, really. It’s called Limitless. Living up to the lofty ambitions of its name, it’s many things. It’s fundamentally neutral, but not so neutral. It’s not yellow, except it kind of is. Not beige, but sort of. Cool, but somehow richly warm.

It’s a stayed, foundational color that also kind of brings the party. It’s your friend that doesn’t need to be the center of attention, but when they arrive everyone shifts and the party really gets started. As Real Simple puts it, “What we love about the happy hue is that it feels fresh and airy, and it can function as the main star in a room or a supporting character.”

Those overstuffed armchairs in a pattern or color you want to showcase pop when paired with your sofa upholstered in almond textured linen or a beige-y golden chenille, adding richness and energy without pulling the eye. Draw the eye to a bold wall color with windows curtained in a flax and white-toned fabric. Use throw pillows in a traditional golden toile to draw attention to any piece in a boldly contrasting color.

Limitless, in short, is a neutral that’s not stuck in neutral.

Oh, The Places Your Home’s Vibe Can Go Through Color And Fabrics

Btw, the whole “Color of the Year” thing is all made up. But why? Sure, there’s a commercial side. But also there are a lot of smart, passionate people at every level of home and interior design who truly want to empower you to live your best life.

Each year they look at the state of the world and the latest understanding of the impact on our well-being of the intersection of psychology, color, and the design of our spaces. Then they conjure up colors to best serve this moment. So, yeah. Gratefully, they’re making it all up.

Here at the largest online upholstery store, we’re passionate about helping your space best serve you and your life, too. So when we find experts with a color to evoke compassion and kindness (Peach Fuzz), or elegance and aspirational energy (Blue Nova), or warmth and welcome (Viridis), or just about a Limitless range of possibilities, we think that’s worth celebrating and sharing with you. You’re welcome. *wink*

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