3 Tips for Selecting the Best Upholstery Fabric

Some elements of selecting upholstery fabric may seem obvious like choosing a color, the main factor in fabric choices, or how the fabric feels to touch. But, since it always is great to take your own unique needs into consideration, here include some additional factors you may want to take into account.

Fabric Durability

Durability sometimes is a problem and sometimes it is not. All homes are different, and oftentimes even rooms inside the same home may have various requirements. However your fabric choice ought to reflect these requirements.

  • Select a fabric based upon who’ll be using your couch. If your pets also will be sharing the couch with you, think about a leather or microfiber fabric as these may withstand heavy usage.
  • Woven patterns will hold up longer than printed patterns, as do tight weaves and higher thread counts. Thread count will refer to the number of threads/sq. in. of fabric. Denser fabric will last longer.

Fabric Style

All fabrics have their own style; therefore, select one which will look great not just in your home, yet additionally on the sofa you’re picking.

  • The fabric selection ought to approximate the character and style of the piece it’s covering. For instance, a traditional fabric might appear better upon a traditional frame style. This said, if you possess an adventurous sense of style and understand how to merge different ones together, you should go for it.
  • Think about the pattern’s scale. It ought to be appropriate to the furniture’s size it’s covering, as well as the size of the room. A bold, large pattern may work better within a larger room, whereas a smaller or more muted one may be a better option for a smaller area.
Upholstery Fabric

Fabric Color

Oftentimes we pick color prior to making any additional choices in regard to a sofa fabric. Perhaps it’s because it’ll make the strongest impact and will be the first thing we view while making a choice.

  • Color includes the most important reason individuals select a fabric; therefore, be certain the color choice is one you’re able to live with for a long time. For example, it might be better to avoid an extremely bold color for a smaller room, particularly if the sofa is also large.
  • In order to strike the right mood, think about the color temperature. As cool and warm colors affect the room’s mood, be certain you are picking the proper fabric for the proper mood.

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