Feeling Groovy: ‘70s Retro Rehab For Your Home Interior Design Style

Maybe it’s nostalgia. Maybe there’s a burning need for a bit more boho and disco vibes. Maybe, amidst all the confounding and challenging realities of 21st-century life so far, we all just need to feel more far-out and groovy in our lives. Whatever the reason ‘70s retro design is back, we say right on. Count us in for 70s interior design.

Because if there’s one thing that never goes out of style, it’s retro interior design. And what could be more distinctly retro than the 1970s? The seventies is a decade of design that’s all about fun, funky, and flirty designs that will add personality to any space. 

So if you’re considering giving your home a seventies retro rehab, you came to the right place. Today we’ll explore what makes retro so fun, how to work that 1970s color palette into your home upholstery, and finishing that feel with accessories you’re sure to dig. So come along and get your ‘70s groove on.

Quick-Guide To ‘70s Interior Design Colors, Style, And Swagger

The seventies interior design vibes didn’t just have style, it had swagger. The cultural revolution of the ‘60s circled back to home interiors in the ‘70s in the form of wild design freedom and bold individuality. Let’s start reacquainting you — or introducing you — with some of what’s stellar and fab about this design style.

Sunken living rooms, stone fireplaces, wood paneling, and, of course, shag carpets just for starters. It was like the crisp and clean of the ‘50s, the hippie heyday of the ‘60s, and the disco jive of the ‘70s all had a design love child. It was an era of textures and kitschy galore.

Take a tour through these scenes of ‘70s nostalgia from BestLifeOnline. Those avocado-colored walls — wow. The chic shag carpeting. (And Mork and The Fonz look more amazing than ever on that bold floral print sofa.) Or check out this sampling of iconic 1970s gems from Country Living Magazine. We’re not mad the love affair with linoleum has faded, but let’s bring back bean bag chairs — so fun. And pendant lights? Possibly with fringe? Yes, please.

The color palette was earthy, perhaps an outgrowth of the Earth Day ethos of hippie culture. Brown tones abound, as did rusty reds, oranges, and rich, mellow yellow tones. And greens leaned deep or more hybrid shades of avocado and turquoise. 

Seems sort of ill-advised, but — in practice — they bring a warmth that turns a space into a place where you want to pop in an 8-track tape, heat up some fondue, and mellow out for a while (fondue does sound yummy, actually). Leaning into some ‘70s design love is a great way to create a relaxing place you love lounging in — and your guests will too. 

Your Design Elevated With Timeless Retro Upholstery Fabric Touches

Now that you’re primed with some ‘70s decor style looks. Let’s get you some ideas for bringing that vibe into your favorite room’s upholstery. It can feel a bit intimidating given how distinct and different from today’s typical it all is.

Happily, the seventies retro trend is finding its 21-century feet by bringing the boldness and warm colors but leaving behind the sometimes cramped and cluttered feel of back in the day. It’s all about featuring a relatively small number of far-out looks and feels rather than filling a space with them. Take a trip through these 1970s inspired interiors. We love the use of texture and color. 

Transform your sofa with a taut orange like our spicy persimmon tweed. Or a headboard upholstered in a “feeling all the feels” floral. Try Everglade, a cotton fabric with a bold floral print harkening back to the retro love of all things natural. Outfit an armchair as an earthy accent piece evoking vintage cabin vibes with this plaid tweed

Ooh… and velvets. Voluptuous vintage vibes with velvets. Set your windows and your room apart with drapes in rich textured velvet akin to an old-school velour feel with Dusty Rose velvet. Anchor a space with accent chairs decked out in a deep emerald green crushed velvet, heavy-duty enough to be lived in.

Take your sectional ‘70s sexy but still get all the perks of today’s velvets with a performance grade, eco-friendly plush velvet in a rich gold-tone color. Just the thought is practically purr-inspiring.

Taking your upholstery retro doesn’t have to mean going full-on Brady Bunch. There are so many ways to work it into your style today and feel that warmth and allure sure to inspire many nights of just chillin’ at the pad. Ya’ dig?

Back In The Day Gold Of The ’70s Through Your Home Decor Accessories

Now, there are eras with fairly non-descript accessories and there are eras renowned for their ornateness — and then there’s the ‘70s. Decidedly blazing its own trail. But fear not, you don’t need to go all lava lamps and Afghan throw blankets. People are finding loads of ways to get their vintage on without fearing they’ve gone round the bend.

Here’s some inspiration from Elle Decor. Notice how they lean on textures and color accents and work them into whatever the overarching style is. Throw in some textured throw blankets in faux fur, lush velvet, or a loose weave giving that cozy, handmade feel.

Rock some rattan or wicker furniture — but just not everywhere. A coffee table or side table can be all you need to add some eclectic nostalgia without wrecking your vibe. Or make it macrame but, you know, just not the whole dang house. A dash here or there as wall art or a hanging planter can give you some grounded, natural feels. Vintage vibes can be simple and sprinkled.

And no need for wall-to-wall shag carpeting or an entire home in wood paneling either. Panel an accent wall. Perhaps, behind a bar or in your home office to give it a bit of oomph and gravitas. And bring in that epic seventies shag or fringe with an area rug. Perfect to jive up the decor without overwhelming a space.

And — of course — your throw pillows are always a great way to punctuate whatever style you’re rocking. Retro rehab those pillows with a warm gold and rust-toned Sangria plaid. Or add some of that nod to nature with a leopard print fabric like Sandstone. And sofas are for snuggling, so make sure your throw pillows are too with a velvet in a rust-toned Cabernet.

The Far-Out Fun Of Making Retro Vibes Fit Your Life

At first glance, the over-the-top grooviness of 1970s decor through our 21-century sensibilities can seem a bit, well, far-out (in a bad way). But dig just a little deeper and you find a time of play and design possibilities unleashed. 

Honestly, taking you on a spin through this unique design era has us falling in love with the vibe all over again. Back then, the whole goal revolved around creating environments full of warmth and welcome. Places that positively beckon to gather, linger, connect, and relax. All of which sounds pretty good.

Do some exploring of your own and remember you can get your vintage on with accents and splashes that marry that funky and freedom of retro design with your unique style. And we’ve got all the fabrics you need to help you make your space feel out of sight. Give us a call today.

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