9 No-Sew Fabric Crafts for the Home

Give your house a refresh in style! No-sew fabric crafts are the easiest way to breathe new life into your home. 

Whether you want to make a pillowcase, curtain, or basket liners, here are nine projects that are worth a try. You’ll never hold a needle and thread with these DIY crafts! 

1. Lovebird-Designed Pillowcase

Who knew you could make a pillow cover without sewing? This craft takes less than 30 minutes, starting with a printed bird template. Use a fusible web to back the bird fabric and felt before printing and cutting the template.

Cut the branch and trace the birds on the bird fabric’s backside. Place the materials on your pillow cover and press them firmly.

Additional Tips:

  • Use brown felt for the lovebird and branches. 
  • Make your final project look better with a down insert.
  • Print a template for the branches if you can’t freely cut them.

2. Linen and Burlap Starfish Pillow

Complete your beach-themed room with a starfish pillow. This no-sew tutorial encourages the mix of linen and burlap for a fresh and raw appearance perfect for the summer.

Start by creating a starfish template from paper and cutting the burlap to its shape five times. There should be Heat n Bond on the fabric so you can easily stick them to the cover. Then, simply remove the paper backing and iron the cutouts one by one.

Additional Tips

  • Cut the burlap into squares and use a pin to attach the template.
  • Cut the starfish into if they exceed the side of the linen pillow cover. 
  • Use a down pillow insert for a nice fluff that highlights the starfish.

3. Changeable Pillow Covers

Perhaps you would rather make these pillow covers because they are easy to change. Cut 12-inch squares from a drop cloth and print your preferred layout on transfer paper. Iron them on the squares and insert a grommet in every corner.

Attach them to the pillow by laying the drop cloth on it and tying the grommets. No hemming needed!

Additional Tips

  • Print templates for every holiday for a quick yet festive decoration.
  • Mark the location of each grommet before punching holes.

4. Reversible Pillow

Reversible pillows are a great way to repurpose your old sheets and blankets, or if you can find some well-priced cotton fabric. Using a measuring tape, measure the pillow you will be using and add 3 inches on each side. Then, create marks on two fabrics of different colors and cut them into a square. 

You need to use tape when making a square on the fabric. Lay the two materials on each other and cut slits or fringe around the perimeter. Fold each part of the fabric and cut small slits in the middle. 

Weave the strips together for a rope design by pushing a strip through the hole beside it. Once you’ve finished weaving the three sides, insert your pillow, then close the last side.

Additional Tips

  • Use pins to secure the two fabrics when cutting the fringe.
  • The fleece fabric makes the edging look better than a thinner fabric
  • Take the pillowcase off before washing it instead of tossing the whole pillow.

5. No-Sew Roman Shade

This roman shade project is one of the easiest no-sew fabric crafts to make. All you need to prepare is your fabric, scissors, measuring tape, iron, and iron-on hemming tape. After measuring your window and calculating the fabric yardage, fold the edges with an iron.

You can attach the shades to your windows using a small tack nail. A drywall molly and screw would also help.

Additional Tips:

  • The ideal fabric allowance for the length should be 12 inches.
  • Use chalk paint or regular craft paint to design the Roman shades.

6. Window Valance

A valance is a small fabric that drapes on top of the window to hide the upper part. To make one, measure and cut the plywood according to the window, then attach it to a dowel. 

Cut more fabric than you need to create an overhang that wraps the back of the plywood. Roll it over the wood, staple, and you’re ready to place it on the window casing.

Additional Tips:

  • Choose a thin fabric to avoid problems when attaching the valance.
  • Make sure the repeats in the fabric’s pattern occur in the ideal place.
  • You might need help when attaching the valance.

7. Striped Drapes

Do you have dull, white curtains at home? Try adding a bold, striped design to it with black twill fabric. Cut them into 14-inch wide strips and a length that matches the panels. Use fusible fabric webbing to press on the plain canvas.

Additional Tips

  • Use plain cotton curtains as a base.
  • Cover the edges of your drapes with a grosgrain ribbon.

8. Basket Liners

Give your kitchen baskets a makeover by adding a basket liner. This no-sew fabric craft is easy to make if you have fabric, iron-on hem tape, jute twine, and a hot glue gun. 

Measure the basket’s length, width, and depth. The idea is to use two long strips of fabric crisscrossed. Let them hang a few inches over the basket as one lays diagonally on top of the other.

Press in half an inch on all sides of the strip to overlap at the corners. Slide one piece under the fold of the fabric. Use hot glue at each mark to add a jute tie. 

Additional Tips

  • Use the same measurement on the opposite side, if your basket has different-length sides.
  • Use different patterns of fabric for every basket for an eclectic look.

9. Burlap Lavender Sachets

You will love making these tiny lavender sachets that smell great if you like lavender. Cut burlap into 5 x 12 inches, pulling at least four threads on all sides. Fold the short side for 4 inches and the other side to create a pouch.

Cut two fusible web strips and paste them in the middle part. Press it to the bottom of the pouch to seal the burlap. Finally, paste another fusible web strip on the pouch overlaps and lightly press.  

Additional Tips

  • Add vintage buttons and lace on the opening of the lavender sachets for decoration.
  • Use twine if you want to hang the sachet.
  • Drop a few dribbles of lavender essential oil once it loses its scent. 

Try These No-Sew Fabric Crafts

There’s a fabric project for every room of your house! These no-sew fabric crafts will help you transform your home without spending a lot of money. I love how you only need a few spare minutes to try any of these ideas, too.

I hope this roundup inspired your next project. Do you have other fabric ideas for a home makeover? Share them below! Then check out our list of man cave and she-shed ideas!

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