A Fun, Summertime Color Board

Color boards are a great way to pull the design of a room together. For those who have never used them before, color boards are simply an array of design elements arranged on a flat surface. The board may contain photos/art, paint swatches, fabric samples, pictures of furniture or decorating elements like flower arrangements. Anything that would go well together in a given room is fair game for a color board. The goal is to pull the individual elements of the room onto one space so they’re easier to visualize and coordinate.

The image above is a great example of a color board following a summer theme. The blogger from The Sweetest Occasion found some summery, lemonade themed pictures. You can see the color pallet she arranged based on those photos at the bottom of the image. Using those swatches, you could design a whole room around these bright, cheerful colors, all inspired by some summer lemonade. To get started, below are some fabric designs that could tie into this fun theme.

Lemonade color upholstery fabric


Naglass (part of the stripe pattern matches nicely)


Cucumber color upholstery fabric


Shell color upholstery fabric


Down color upholstery fabric


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