No-Sew Canopy Beds

Canopy beds can give any room a sense of elegance and cozy comfort. But sometimes not everyone is in a position to run out and purchase a four-poster bed. Luckily, there are several easy DIY workarounds for getting the comfy, classic look of a canopy. And, once again, these projects are no-sew!

8.7.15 NoSew Canopy Pic 1

Hoop Canopy

This attractive set-up is supported by an embroidery hoop at the top. The wood of the hoop is covered with ribbon. This particular project makes good use of some patterned fabric with some sheer fabric. The crafters even glued some silk ribbon flowers and butterflies to the sheer portion. You can see the full how-to video here. A design like this works over a bed, as well as over a small table and chair for a reading nook.

8.7.15 NoSew Canopy Pic 2

Ceiling Canopy

The project above looks a lot more involved than it is. The fabric is actually stapled to the ceiling in the semicircle pattern. You can see the full tutorial at The Lily Pad Cottage.

Curtain Canopy

This crafter gives a good hack for a no-sew seam that she then fixed to a curtain rod. She pinned down the seam, ironed the seam to make a crisp edge and glued near the edge of the fold. You can see the full tutorial at Bless’er House.

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