Things to Create With Fabric Scraps

Home crafters don’t want to toss out anything which may be utilized to create something else. Utilizing each scrap material inch may leave an artist with a sense of accomplishment. Most scrap pieces will turn into helpful things around the house or may be utilized to make great gifts.


fabric scraps


They use little fabric and may be an easy and quick idea for a gift. A usual potholder may be created with 2 scrap pieces that measure 8” square or any sizing which suits you. Put the fabric together with right-sides facing one another and stitch alongside 3 sides. Turn your potholder right side out then insert heat resistant batting in between the sides. In order to hold batting into place, stitch cross stitch lines then finish by hand and stitch the final side.

Lap Blankets

Creating lap blankets includes an excellent method of using scraps. Collect pieces which will complement one another and sew fabric scraps together. Buy flannel fabric in the finished lap blanket size, which includes enough fabric for seam allowance. Put the two fabrics together with right sides facing one another then machine stitch around the corners. Turn your blanket so that its right sides face out then hand stitch the 4th side. In order to keep the sides from shifting, you can secure them by stitching horizontal or vertical lines. For additional warmth, put in lightweight batting in between the flannel and the scraps.


Scraps which are around 14” square make fast pillows. Sew 3 sides together utilizing a machine and put a foam pillow in. You can hand stitch the 4th side of your pillow. Sew smaller pieces with each other until you obtain the size pillow you want, for a more ambitious project. Do it for both pillow sides and finish sewing and stuffing sides.


Lengthy fabric strips may be utilized for ribbons. Fold fabric in ½ with right sides facing one another then stitch a continual seam from the fabric’s start to the fabric’s end. Turn the material so the right side faces out and utilize in place of ribbon. Connect several pieces together prior to creating the side seam to make a long ribbon or make an intriguing look. It’s an excellent method of adding that final touch to any gift.

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