DIY Fabric Curtain Ideas

Curtains instantly can provide a room personality, style, and privacy. Making curtains will require no complex skills; therefore, it’s a project in the reach of anybody, even somebody who has limited experience with sewing. Curtains may be made from a variety of lightweight to medium fabrics. For an affordable, quick, and satisfying DIY project, curtains include a great option.

Gathered Curtains

In order to make easy gathered curtains, you can measure and trim curtain panels. Then, turn and press one inch double turned side seams prior to evenly stitching alongside inside corner. Repeat on all edges of every panel. Next, turn and press double turned three inch hem, and stitch evenly alongside inside corner. Turn then press the double turned four inch header, then stitch alongside bottom corner. Measure from the bottom corner of header a pocket line that is wide enough to hold the curtain rod. Stitch alongside pocket line to form a rod channel. Slip curtain rod through pocket channel at the tip of every panel, and evenly gather the fabric; hang curtains. Remaining fabric inside the header above rod pocket is going to create a tailored ruffle. For a simpler gathered panel that doesn’t have a tailored ruffle, remove the rod pocket, and scrunch the headers to curtain rod.

Tailored Tab Curtains


You can sew panels similar to the ones for gathered curtains, yet rather than creating rod pockets, you can turn down the upper corner of every panel for a one inch double turned hem. Separately sew tabs. Measure and trim 6 tabs for every panel from contrasting or the same fabric. Trim every tab nine inches long and seven inches wide. Working upon the fabric’s wrong side, fold tabs in half lengthwise then stitch sides, leaving a half-inch seam allowance. Keep short side unstitched in order to permit turning. You can turn tabs right side out then press. Follow through to top stitch seam edges to makes sure they lie flat. Start to evenly space tabs alongside upper corner of all panel headers. Turn under raw corner of all tab’s open ends; stitch in place. Form some loops, and align both ends of the tabs; stitch across in order to secure into place. Alternatively, make tabs from three inch wide grosgrain ribbon.

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