Quick and Easy DIY Fabric Project

I really love crafts which are fast, easy, and made with things I already have on-hand. The below fabric flower brooches definitely fit the bill! I utilized a bit of leftover linen fabric that I had around the house – however, you might make yours using fabric from an old tee-shirt, stained blouse, or whatever.



In addition, there isn’t any template needed. Flower petals that are imperfect appear best on this particular project!

DIY Fabric Project Materials List



All that is needed to make the pictured fabric flowers are thread, a needle, a bead or button for its center, scrap fabric, as well as a pin backing (or a safety pin).

How you can make the Fabric Flowers

Firstly, you can fold the fabric so that you will have four layers to cut out the flower petals. Next, cut one big set of 4 petals, and one smaller set of 4 petals. Really, it is almost impossible to mess this step up. Lopsided is great! Imperfection is your friend!

Then, stack your petals on top of one another, rotating, as well as flipping them around in order to be certain the cuts don’t line up.



The next step involves sewing one large ‘X’ inside the center of the flowers – stitches are going to be around ¾-inch to 1-inch in length.

Flip your flower over then pull your thread as tightly as you can and then tie it off. You might want to put a couple of more stitches into place if you wish to ensure it puckers just like you want it to.


Using that same thread, sew a pin backing into place on the flower’s back.



Finally, either glue or sew the button or bead into the middle of the front of the flower – and voila, you are done!

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