Common Upholstery Methods

Most of today’s upholstery methods and tools are the exact same as the ones utilized 200 years ago, yet with a couple of modern-day updates.

Are you ready to begin?

upholstery methods

Take a look while we show the step-by-step of reupholstering a chair, and then you can try it on your very own chair, headboard, or wall.


An outdated, clunky chair cries desperately for a makeover.


 Strip Fabric

This chair is stripped of its initial fabric, and the pieces are labeled and saved. If necessary, an extra layer of batting will be stapled to the frame.


Create a Pattern

The old pieces of fabric serve as the pattern for the fresh upholstery. They’re laid right sides down upon the fresh fabric and then cut out.


Pin to Chair

Pieces should be pinned to the wrong sides of the chair. The pinned cover is taken off and then sewn together, with the welting reinforcing the seams. Sewn cover then is placed back upon the chair.


Make Pleats

Oftentimes, pleats are utilized to ease fabric around the curves. Gluing on covered buttons hides the staples holding the pleats into place.


Attach Back

To connect the back panel, tack strips should be stuck through the fabric’s wrong side at both long corners, around 1”.


Tack Fabric On

Then, the tack strips are flipped over in order to pull the back panel taut, as well as make straight, clean edges. The tacks should be hammered to the frame using a hammer which possesses a piece of batting that is secured around the head.


Connect the Sleeves

A fabric sleeve is sewn for the chair seat and then pulled on. The cover’s back edge should be pulled through the opening between the back and seat and then stapled to the frame.

Cover up the Seat

Also, the seat cover should be pulled tight and then tacked to the chair frame’s bottom on the sides and front.


Skirt Bottom

A box-pleated, lined skirt with welting should be sewn. To put together the skirt, layers should be arranged on the chair, and pinned into place, then sewn together at the tip.


Staple on the Skirt

The skirt should be stapled to the frame on the fabric’s wrong side, right under the seam.



Elegant, sophisticated, and tailored, this freshly covered chair will add a stylish component to any room.


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