Smart Tips on How to Remove Upholstery Stains

Accidents happen everywhere, even on your most precious furniture. Kids can clumsily spill their drinks, bits of food may get stuck on the fabric, and dirt and dust will accumulate on the material over time. It’s important for every furniture owner to learn how to tackle these issues and remove upholstery stains with confidence.

You have two options to choose from on cleaning your upholstery. One is to hire a professional; the other is to do it yourself. The latter is the most practical solution as it is cheaper, but a wrong move can cause a permanent damage on the fabric. What you need to do is to cautiously follow these steps to ensure that you’ll take out that stain for good.


Tip #1: Vacuum
Vacuuming is the first step to remove stains on upholstery. This helps keep the fabric in its excellent shape, preventing dust and debris from settling onto the furniture’s fabric. Even if there’s an aged stain on the material, a little vacuuming can help make the blemish fade. Do this regularly and you’d be surprised at the wonders this little chore does for your furniture.

Tip #2: Blot
If there’s a fresh spill on your couch, the best way to reduce its staining effect is to blot it. Quickly take a dry white cloth and place it atop the stain. Remember, what you want to do is to keep the stain from streaming into the larger part of the fabric. By all means, do not rub or scrub as this worsens the condition.

Tip #3: Categorize
Upholstery fabrics have their own cleaning methods to match their codes. It’s important for you to know what kind of upholstery you’d be tackling into before you spray any kind of solution onto it. Look for the upholstery tags or call your upholsterer for this data. You can also do a spot test on an unseen area of the fabric and see whether the solution will work on the blemish.

Tip #4: Start Cleaning
Now that you’ve discovered what kind of fabric your furniture have, it’s time to remove upholstery stains. Arm yourself with your gloves and brush. You can make your DIY solution or buy a professional solvent. Kovi Fabrics use cleaners by LAVE, a natural-based cleaner without the harmful side-effects to the environment and to man. Spray the solution onto the blemish, a little at a time and see if it fades.

Tip #5: Repeat if necessary
Sometimes, solutions need to seep into the blemish for it to take effect. You may need to do repetitive cleaning on the fabric, but do this carefully. Brushing the stain forcefully may lead to faded colors and weaker fabric.

Remember, it is best to take out the stains while it is fresh. Leaving it ignored for a time allows the blemish to soak into the material and it will be harder for you to remove. If there’s a type of stain that’s difficult to beat, you can always ask for professional help. Take good care of your furniture; it’s an investment that will carry a lot of memories and will last you for a lifetime.

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