DIY Upholstery Fabric Sample Projects

Fabric samples from an upholstery project can easily be repurposed for household goods and helpful do-it-yourself projects.

Fabric samples are available in an array of shades, and various materials are typically unused–except for the short timespan when somebody has looked them over and gauged the shade against an additional furniture piece or against the color of a wall they’re attempting to complement. Use these samples and make fun items and gifts for school, work, and home.

Quilted Pieces


Use fabric samples for quilts or quilted items like a quilted table runner. You may trim small squares and make quilted napkins. Given the quality of upholstery materials, the new items will be of high quality and very stylish. All that’s needed are a sewing machine, sewing materials, some quilt batting, as well as fabric for the back of every quilt.

Pages in a Scrapbook

Thinner upholstery material pieces may be utilized in scrapbooking projects. It’s possible to use stencils to draw shapes of pictures you want and then trim them with quality, sharp fabric scissors. Glue the pictures to the paper for a sophisticated, textured addition to the scrapbooking projects.

Coin Purse and Check Book Cover

Utilize upholstery material to make a checkbook cover and complimentary coin purse. You’ll require some type of closure for both (a mini zipper and a zipper, clasps, or buttons), which ensures the safekeeping of all loose change or money or, of course, the checks. The check is going to find a very stylish new home within the upholstery checkbook cover, and paying your bills may just be a little more fun.

Art Work

Like homeowners often frame wallpaper as do-it-yourself artwork, fabric samples can also be framed. Also, you may use a broad array of fabric samples in a do-it-yourself collage, then bind them to a board piece. Both suggestions offer abstract, unique artwork for the home at an affordable cost. (Only expenses include the suggested framing or expense of a mounting board if you choose a collage).

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