16 DIY Throw Pillows That Anyone Can Make

Accent pillows are a fantastic way to make the room cozier and more beautiful. But what should you do if you can’t find the appropriate design for your home?

Take a look at these 16 DIY throw pillows you can try. All the projects are easy to make for beginners. Some don’t even demand you to hold a needle and thread!

1. Envelope Pillow Covers

An envelope pillow cover is a style where the fabric overlaps so you can quickly insert the pillow. Start by trimming a piece of cloth at 25 x 54 inches, folding it on the short end, and hemming. 

Fold the length so that the right sides and the folded measurement are 24 inches. Pins would be helpful in this step to hold the fabric together. Sew the open edge with half an inch of the seam allowance. 

You can add buttons for the pillowcase enclosure or let it be. Put the pillow inside, and you’re done!

2. Make a Pillow from an Old Shirt

Are you missing your partner? Make a pillow out of their shirt so you can hug them to bed! Choose a more oversized shirt for large and fluffy pillows. Note that the cover has to be one inch bigger than the pillow.

Button up the shirt and cut the front piece. This cover will look better if the shirt has a pocket. Then, proceed with the back piece. Use a ruler and a rotary cutter during this step. Place them on top of each other and stitch the perimeter with a ½-inch seam allowance.

Unbutton the pillow cover and place the pillow form inside. Fasten the buttons again, and you have a new pillow. Try spraying your partner’s favorite cologne so you’ll feel their presence more!

3. Cactus Pillow

This cactus pillow is one of the DIY throw pillows that beginners can try. You’ll want to print a cactus template and cut a white fabric into a square. Put it above the template and trace the design on the fabric.

Position a few wax papers below the cloth to avoid creating a mess out of the ink. Paint the fabric using a mixture of black fabric paint and a few drops of water. 

Sew the pillow cover in an envelope style by overlapping the seams when folding them. Make sure it’s right side in while you’re stitching.

4. Pom-Pom Pillow

Make your throw pillows more fun by adding pompoms around the perimeter. You can sew a strip of pom poms on the frame of the throw pillow. Or you can make a different pillowcase out of scrap.

You can do the same envelope method with your covers. Grab a fabric and fold the right side on both sides. Then, stitch the open edge with half an inch of the seam allowance. Once you’ve finished sewing, turn them right side out and insert your pillow form.

5. Wheat Pillows

You can create wheat-printed pillows with only spray paint and a template. Print the wheat illustration on freezer paper and spray it on the fabric. Or draw some leaves and thin stalks and iron on the paper.

A muslin cloth works best for a traditional look. You may also wish to make a separate pillowcase for this design. Both envelope and standard styles are acceptable.

6. Butterfly Pillow

This butterfly pillow is the perfect gift for your mother on Mother’s Day or her birthday. Cut enough felt to wrap around a pillow form, ensuring there’s an extra 4 inches. Pin the fabric after wrapping it around the pillow. 

Print a small butterfly template so you can add about 16 cut-outs to the throw pillow. Stitch the bodies to the cover, making sure the wings are free and facing forward. Once all the butterflies are on the surface, you can stitch the pillowcase. 

7. Bow Pillow

Add a girly accent to your room with this large bow pillow. You can also create small bow pillows, although a big one will be a head-turner. You have to wrap a big tube using a small tube in the middle. 

You can stitch the bow on the pillowcase or add another layer that will wrap around the pillow. Pin it on the front side and sew firmly. 

8. Macaron Pillow

Fleece is the best material for creating this adorable macaron pillow. It’s like making a regular pillow, except it’s round. You need to create a strip that attaches the front and back pieces of the fleece.

For the macaron filling, cut a thin piece of white fleece and paste it on the middle of the connecting strip. Each pillow requires at least a yard of fabric.

9. Gold Foil Accent Pillow

This gold foil accent pillow looks fancy, but it’s super easy to make. You can add patterns to the pillow with gold foil and white cotton fabric for the base. Use foil adhesive, parchment paper, and iron to place the golden details on the fabric.

10. Sweater Pillow

A sweater pillow makes a cozy addition to your living room. You can utilize an old sweatshirt from your closet or buy one from the thrift store. Cut it a few inches larger compared to the pillow form. Then, cut a different fabric of the same size.

You can create piping if you want. But if it’s too complex for you, place the two pieces on top of each other. Start sewing around the edges, then trim the excess fabric. Turn it right side out, and you have a beautiful sweater pillowcase!

11. Sequin Pillow

There’s nothing sparklier than DIY throw pillows with sequins. Take out your old party dress and transform it into a pillowcase. Skirts and dresses already have linings and stitching. So, just turn the garment inside out and sew the sides.

12. Conversation Hearts Pillows

Candy hearts with sweet text are popular every Valentine’s Day as presents. Try turning them into pillows using pastel fabrics in a heart shape. Sew the front and back portions together, leaving some inches loose.

Turn it right side out and cut out the phrase you want to paste with an iron-on sheet. It can be as simple as “ILY” or a little longer like “kiss me.” Once you have ironed it on top, stuff the pillow with foam and finish stitching.

13. Button Pillow

Take out any old pillow and give it a makeover by adding buttons. And guess what? You don’t need a sewing machine.

Just push the threaded needle up the pillowcase to the other hole many times. You can do this in a criss-cross pattern for a cute design. Sew as many buttons as you want. You can also add piping on the edges of the cover. 

14. Dip-Dyed Pillow

You’ve heard about using Kool-Aid to dip-dye your hair. But you can also do it on your existing pillowcase. Saturate the pillow cover in water and vinegar, wring it thoroughly, then dip in Kool-Aid juice.

I recommend using many packets for a pigmented design. You can also add half a cup of vinegar to set the dye. Place the pillow insert inside, and you’re ready to decorate it!

15. Dorm Room Pillow

If you have a friend or child heading to college soon, give them this dorm room pillow. It’s like dice or a cube that helps you decide on different things. One side may include “yes,” while the other may write “I don’t think so.”

Position it as you would with a dice template, then stitch the components together. Leave a few inches open for the stuffing, then finish sewing. 

16. Pocket Pillow

Adding pockets to your pillow makes sense when you like to lounge around while reading. Trim an 18-inch square fabric for the front and a 2 ½ x 18 inches fabric for the back. Cut another fabric into two 18 x 11 inches pieces, then two 18 x 9 inches.

Stick a piece of fusible fleece to the back of the front part and front pocket. You can use a piping foot on the top of the pillow and a pocket lining piece. 

Attach the pocket to the fabric and create the pillow back. Then add a ribbon in the center of the back pieces. Start sewing the front and back pieces, then add the pillow insert. 

Make These DIY Throw Pillows

This post covered different DIY throw pillows that can boost your home decor. You can decorate with felt, fleece, gold foil, stencil, and Kool-Aid. Some don’t even require sewing! Did you enjoy reading this list? Which DIY project are you trying first? Let us know! And then have a peek at our guide to updating the upholstery in your home

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