How to Make No-Sew Pillows for Beginners

Some people want to make their home look good but dread the idea of sewing. They’re either scared of needles or don’t have enough sewing tools. But you can still create pillows for your sofa even if you don’t know how to sew! 

Discover how to make a no-sew pillow in five simple steps. Even beginners and children will enjoy this needle-free fabric project!

What You Need

Changing your pillow can transform the entire vibe of your space. Start by preparing the following materials:

  • Fleece fabric (preferably 2 yards).
  • 30” pillow form or pillow stuffing.
  • Scissors.
  • Measuring tape. 
  • Safety pins (optional).

Instructions for Making No-Sew Pillows

Now you’ve got your materials, it’s time to start with the project. Try these five steps on how to make a no-sew pillow.

Step One: Measure the Fabric

Proper fabric yardage measurement is key to perfecting any fabric project. First, calculate how large you want your pillow to be, add 6 inches, and multiply by two.  

The purpose of adding six inches is to create the fringes later on. You also have to double the size because you must stick to two fabrics to make the pillowcase. 

A 30” x 30” throw pillow would be lovely if you have no dimensions in mind yet. But make sure to get 36 inches of fabric. Multiply it by two, and you’ll get 72 inches or two yards. 

Or you might follow the standard size of a throw pillow, which is 18” x 18”. For these dimensions, add 6 to make it 24. Then, multiply by two. You need 48 inches of fabric, which is equivalent to 1.34 yards. 

You can also use your spare pillow as the basis for the size. You will sandwich it between the two fabric pieces later on.

Step Two: Choose Your Fabric

Fleece is the ideal fabric to use when learning how to make a no-sew pillow. It has all the finest characteristics of wool, including its breathability, comfort, and softness. But what makes it better is that it’s less allergenic because manufacturers have processed it.  

This material also feels good to hug because it provides fantastic insulation. The attractive fleece fabric is 100% natural and free from synthetic materials. Others might contain artificial fibers but stay durable and beautiful. 

Pick a fleece fabric that’s just the right thickness for a pillow. Microfleece is ideal for a thin polar fleece. It’s smoother and lighter but does not offer fluffiness and warmth in colder seasons. 

The only downside to using fleece is its maintenance. It would be best to wash it after a few days because it quickly absorbs moisture and bad smells. 

The color also depends on your preference. Pick a fleece fabric that matches your sofa or bed. Patterns are also great if your space looks plain and dull.

Step Three: Lay the Fabric Pieces and Cut 

Cut the fabric into two pieces of 36-inch squares and layer them on top of each other. Place it on a large, flat surface area like the ground or a table.  

Cut six inches of squares on each corner of both fabrics using your scissors. You can pin the two materials to ensure that you’re cutting them equally at once.

Step Four: Make Fringe

Using your scissors, create the fringe effect on all sides of the two fabric pieces. The fringe should be three inches on all sides with only one-inch intervals. Bigger intervals will not look stylish from afar and will be difficult to knot.  

You can also make the intervals shorter to create more fringe. However, this process might take longer. 

Step Five: Stick the Fabric Pieces Together

The last step is the best part of learning how to make a no-sew pillow! You don’t need to take out your sewing machine or fabric glue. There’s also no need to iron them with fusible hem tape. Just place the wrong sides of the fabrics together with the pillow in between.  

Then, do a double knot of the fringe pieces with one strand on each side. Place one piece over the other and tie. Then, place the other strip over the first one and tie it again. Repeat this procedure all over the pillow until all fringes are secure. 

If you don’t have a pillow to put between the fabrics, make the knots on three sides and put stuffing inside. It can be fabric scraps, down pillow, feathers, and more. Once you reach your desired firmness, make the final knots on the last side. 

How to Make a No-Sew Pillow: A Fleece-tastic Project!

Now you know how to make a no-sew pillow in five easy steps. The fringe and knot techniques are less complicated and more affordable than using fabric glue or a sewing machine. And fleece makes an excellent fabric option because of its warmth and smoothness. 

Have you tried creating a beginner-friendly pillow without sewing? What method did you use? Share your experiences and questions in the comments below! And check out our selection of affordable fabrics you can use for this DIY project.

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