No-Sew Window Treatments

With the new line of window treatment patterns, it may be tempting to give your windows a new look. Luckily, with no-sew window treatments, it’s easier than ever.

No-Sew Valances

Common no-sew window treatments, as seen above, are to create a valance by simply folding back the hem and securing it with hot glue. You could also use a basic fabric glue. You can then fold and glue a sleeve in the fabric to run a curtain rod through.

The blogger at Mom 4 Real actually went a very sturdy way and nailed her valance in place and then covered the nails with mason jar lids. It’s an option if you’re very sure that you want the valance to be basically permanent.

Tie Valance

This is an easy option that just requires some fabric, ribbon, and fabric glue. You simply add an optional lining to the back of the fabric and then fold and glue the hems back. Then attach the ribbons with the fabric glue every foot or so, gluing one side of the ribbon to the fabric. You can then tie the valance to the curtain rod using neat bows. Full tutorials with photos are at In My Own Style.

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