Attractive Window Treatment Ideas for Bay Windows and Window Doors

Is it time to redesign your windows? Choosing window treatments can get tricky if you have a more complex window design than your standard four-pane square window, where popular window treatments like valances and box pleated drapery might be no-brainers.

When it comes to more complicated windows, there are certain style considerations to keep in mind for finding the most attractive window treatments. Bay windows and window doors are some of the trickiest windows to work with, so below is your guide for getting the best window treatments for these two styles.

Bay Windows

Since bay windows are more set-in and are made to draw in as much light as possible, go basic with the window treatments. Complicated window treatments will look overly repetitive in the multiple-window design. Plus, they’ll block some of that light from the already set-in windows.

To keep it simple, set a single, large curtain in front of the seating area of bay windows so you can pull one curtain shut instead of three curtains or more. The photo above from Rachel Bishop Designs is a great example. If you want each window to have a treatment, go for sleek fabric blinds that pull up.

Window Doors

Doors with set-in windows are a classic design element that brings in light and act as their own visual enhancers in a space, especially if they are facing a gorgeous natural scene like a garden. It’s like getting a three-dimensional natural painting. But if you want privacy and style, they’re a challenge.

A great choice for window doors is basic blinds, but if you want some more style and flair in your home, consider fabric blinds. Like bay windows, you can also hang a large, floor-length curtain in front of a window door. That way, you can shut out light or add privacy when needed, but the pulled-back curtain will still allow full functionality of the door.

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