Combining and Matching Fabrics: Organic and Geometric Patterns

If you are looking to match fabrics, there are tons of ways to go about it, from the more common scale method to matching geometric pattern fabrics by color.

Another option for matching fabrics is to go with an organic and geometric interplay. After all, the photo above shows how attractive organic patterns can be. This method, detailed on Hey There, Home, starts with a naturally inspired pattern like a floral look, a leaf pattern, raindrops, or even items from the outside environment like trucks (in the case of a child’s room).

You then find one or two matching geometric patterns incorporating the organic pattern’s color scheme. This is a great method if you’re looking to go with two patterns, though many designers agree that three patterns seem to round out a look.

Below are three fabric swatches from our new sale items illustrating the concept:

Organic Pattern:


Geometric Pattern 1:


Geometric Pattern 2:


Notice how the two geometric patterns incorporate the browns and tans of the organic pattern. The third pattern even incorporates the very muted green of the organic pattern. This set would be stunning in a rustic home with a neutral color palette.

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