Combining and Matching Fabrics: Knowing Scale

Want a new look but also want variety in the room, like in the photo above? Then you’ll want several different types of upholstery fabrics. When it comes to pattern mixing, there are certainly tons of ways to go about it.

Many methods cover combining fabrics from the perspective of color. But another method is working with fabrics in terms of scale.

The method is simple. Choose one pattern that works on a large scale, the second will incorporate similar colors but be on a smaller scale, and the third will be a neutral or complementary color on an even smaller scale.

What we mean by scale is the intricacy of the pattern. To illustrate the concept, below are three fabric selections from our new sale items that work in terms of scale, meaning they vary by visual complexity.

Large-Scale Pattern:


Medium-Scale Pattern:


Small-Scale Pattern:


By working in terms of scale, you have more wiggle room for what colors you introduce. For instance, your small-scale pattern can be a neutral shade, like the beige color above. And by thinking in terms of scale, you can start with a large-scale pattern that truly interests you and work with colors from there rather than starting with color as your main focal point.

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