Combining and Matching Fabrics: Matching Four Fabrics

Want to get a fresh look into a room by adding new upholstery but with more variety? Then try matching fabrics. That may seem like overkill, but it’s actually possible to mix and match fabrics so that four patterns complement each other rather than competing with each other.

The secret is the four-fabric approach outlined in Southern Living. Start by choosing a focal point in your room to match the fabric to in terms of color. It might be a predominately blue painting or some gold curtains.

Then look for four types of specific patterns in the predominant shade of your focal point. To make sure the patterns complement each other, you’ll want four very specific types of patterns: a large-scale pattern (usually an intricate floral design), a solid pattern, a stripe pattern, and a small-scale pattern (that one’s more limited and geometric).

To illustrate the method, below are four Kovi selections out of the new sale items:

Large-Scale Pattern:


Solid Pattern:


Stripe Pattern:


Small-Scale Pattern:


Notice how all the patterns work together. They’re within the same hues so as to not compete with each other and have a balance of different pattern types to still create enough visual interest.

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