Fabric Pattern Feature: Abstract/Geometric

With Kovi Fabric’s wide selection of abstract and geometric patterns, there’s sure to be a look to fit any taste. Geometric fabrics can go with a variety of home décor styles. But to really round out a room, below is a guide for matching abstract patterns to their most complimentary styles.

Combine With Solid Colors

For a classy way to incorporate the boldest patterns, make the geometric fabrics the focal point of the room by choosing a subdued look for the rest of the room. Think white walls, solid-colored rugs, and basic décor like glass vases. The chair in the photo above is paired with a matching solid grey sofa for a cohesive effect.

Tie the Specific Pattern Into a Greater Theme

Many abstract patterns, like Kovi’s Sedona, come from a specific theme like Southwestern. If the pattern has a specific look, run with that theme by adding décor pieces to match, as Sedona might go with dude ranch memorabilia.

Go for Contrast

If you want a wild look to your home, let your spirit fly by getting whatever pattern suits your interests. The more contrast, the better. That will give your home an eclectic, artsy feel.

Get the Retro Look

You can also choose some of the older looks, like the Sand/Retro pattern. Pair retro fabric patterns with distressed wood furniture and antiques for a blast from the past.

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