Get the Look the Store Couldn’t Give You: Three Reasons to Reupholster New Furniture

You just got a brand-new piece of furniture. Maybe it still has that new vinyl smell, or it’s still nice and pristine before anyone has stained it. So why on earth would you ever want to reupholster your furniture right away? For three reasons:

Customize Color Better

When shopping for furniture, sometimes your options are limited. You typically only have what’s on the floor at a furniture store or the limited color selection the manufacturer produces to choose from.

That could leave you with a lighter blue when a slightly darker blue would go better with that accent wall or that piece of art in your home. Upholstering allows you to search from a wider array of shades and color choices.

Get a Hard-to-Find Funky Pattern

What’s available in furniture is often dictated by current style trends. But what if you’re going for a retro look and you really want a gold sofa that would have been more available in the 1970s? Or do you really want a certain type of animal print to go with that unique chair you found at an antique store that one time?

If gold or animal prints aren’t in style, you’re out of luck. That’s where it makes sense to buy something new with a nice base and customize the look with reupholstering.

Find a New Furniture Look No One Else Has

The other problem with just buying furniture off the floor is that you end up with what everyone else has. If leather sectionals are big right now, that’s what’s out there in force unless you want to endlessly go to rummage sales hoping for a sofa that’s in good condition. If you want to truly customize your home with a unique style, getting furniture reupholstered is a great option. Fortunately, it’s also an easy process.

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