What Matches With Blue Upholstery Fabric?

Ever wondered just what you could do with a blue couch? What about a blue wingback chair, or a classy royal navy recliner? Just how do you create a soothing and effective color scheme with blue upholstery fabric?

Don’t let your choice in blue upholstery fabric turn your beloved armchair in to the white elephant in the room—turn it into the centerpiece of your theme and color scheme. 

Why Choose Blue Upholstery Fabric?

You may absolutely love or loathe blue upholstery fabric. Perhaps you’ve only ever seen powder blue sofas that turn you off, or maybe you’ve only seen navy blue ottomans that make you think of chewed-up bottle caps. However, there is a huge range of blues to choose from when considering the use of blue upholstery fabric. 

Blue creates a calming focal point in a room, it doesn’t show dirt as easily as pale colors, and it instantly draws attention to a great furniture piece. Unlike red or green upholstery (which are also great in the right setting), blue upholstery fabric can be used in a wider range of decor schemes, if the tone and hue are right. 

Matching Blue Upholstery Fabric in Color Schemes

Blue as a choice in upholstery fabric is a color in the cooler shades. It complements other cooler or neutral colors. Combining blue upholstery with warmer shades of turquoise, purple, and pink can achieve a great contrasting look that really makes a room’s colors pop. 

Choosing your color scheme (and the shade of blue upholstery you will choose) may depend on a few options like:

  • What colors you already have in the room you want to decorate
  • Whether you want to achieve a warmer or cooler feeling 
  • Which color blue upholstery fabric best resonates with you

Remember that the blue color you choose will be the focal point of the room. It should be easy on the eye, but bold enough to matter. 

Different Color Schemes Using Blue Upholstery Fabric

There are a few color schemes that feature blue upholstery fabric quite well. These each have their own magic, so consider which you prefer and what will work with your furnishings. 

Blue, Neutral White, and Wheat Colors

To bleach out the surrounding colors, you can opt for white and wheat shades, allowing the blue to pop to its full glory. Choosing white walls, wheat-colored rugs and cushions, and blue upholstery fabric in shades like cobalt, Wedgwood trellis blue, or the faded tones of lagoon will create a rustic feel that is both ethereal but also earthy. 

Remember that neutral white and wheat with blue isn’t necessarily a beach-cottage look, so you don’t have to buy oversized shells or paint dolphins everywhere. Instead, let the colors speak for themselves. 

In this color scheme, it is important to choose a furniture piece for your blue upholstery fabric that is either completely covered or has wooden supports that are a neutral wheat color as wooden legs and armrests will influence the color scheme. 

Blue, White, and Gray Colors 

To take the faded look further, you can opt for blue in shades like delft, sapphire, or indigo stripes that combine naturally with white and different shades of gray. To match the white and gray, it is a good idea to try and pick up the sheen of the blue upholstery fabric and match the gray accordingly. 

If you were to match the indigo stripes to a gray, then shades like slate gray or cobalt stripe would be perfect for contrast and to focus attention. 

Blue, Brown, and Gray Colors

Match your choice of blue upholstery fabric with dark chocolate brown furnishings and gray walls. Drape some gray and blue curtains or an azure blend at the window to complement the stunning twin armchairs you covered in royal blue swirl blue upholstery fabric. 

Now juxtapose these with an earthy espresso colored loveseat and silver-gray fleece cushions. This is surely the epitome of comfort. Finish off the palette with pale silvery gray coating the walls in a luxurious sheen. 

Blue, Fuchsia, Gray, and White

Why not combine the blue of your choice with a warm color like fuchsia or pink? The striking contrast is reminiscent of a summer day and chewing large gumballs that produced huge bubbles and pure happiness. 

We like capri sofas that are draped with a little frosted plum, with some structured cushions in damask fabrics like manhattan. The use of a neutral white on the walls helps to really balance the colors and create breathing room around the tones. Finish off the curtains in neutral shaded bamboo blinds, or opt for a plain curtain in sterling silver gray

Blue, Neutrals, Orange, and Tan

If you are brave, you can go with a complementary color scheme of blue and orange. The deep blue and raw orange tones will create a real talking point. Use shades like royal crushed as your blue upholstery fabric combined with a deep orange shade like apricot and neutral tones like flax/diamond as drapery or cushions. 

Shape the rest of the room by inverting books in the bookshelf to create a more neutral pallet and help unify the background. For chair legs and sofa bases, opt for a neutral to tan color such as bleached birch wood or stainless steel finishes. 

Blue and Mediterranean Bliss

Perhaps one of the pinnacle uses of blue upholstery fabric is in decor styles that hint of the Mediterranean. Start with a classic pattern in silver white that is complemented by a solid blue shade like atlantic in a matching weave. Ensure the authenticity of the look by using baskets, mahogany accents, and driftwood object d’art. 

Blue Upholstery Fabric Finale

Before you rush out to buy the bluest blue fabric you can find, be sure to first order a few samples. When too bright or too bold or simply too busy, a fabric can easily leave you feeling blue. 

Rather, lay out a few samples of blue in the room you wish to redecorate. Drape a few samples across your furniture and decide what blue upholstery fabric has tickled your sweet spot, matches the other colors you want to use, and will make a stunning feature in your home.

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