Practical Ways to Match Your Room to Your Upholstery

With the newest fabric additions, you may be tempted to change the look of your furniture completely, even if the new fabric doesn’t go with the room. The perfect excuse to redecorate, right? We’ve even covered how to work with color palettes to match a new fabric selection with the rest of the room.

But let’s say you’ve already worked out a color palette, or you instinctively know what type of new colors you’d like a room to have. Below are some practical ways for incorporating a whole new fabric color into a room.

Consider Accent Walls

Matching an accent wall to a particular upholstery color will add a color theme and create balance in a room. The photo above shows how accents in the upholstery can match and complement a wall color. Tip: Don’t place furniture directly in front of a solid matching wall, or it will blend in and get lost.

Remember the Lamps

One trick for creating balance is to put lamps that match the fabric color on either side of that piece of furniture. Matching lamps can also go directly across from that piece of furniture to add balance to the room. If you don’t want one color to be too overbearing, get a fabric selection with multiple colors and match the least prominent color in the fabric to the lamps.

Get a Rug

As in the photo above, another option is to match the upholstery with a sectional rug. That will tie the whole room together without the need for extensive installations or painting.

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